2021 USPA Gold Cup Final


Photos by Alan Fabricant

On paper and past won/loss records the final game of the 2021 USPA Gold Cup between Scone and Tonkawa should have been a close one.

However, when the hooves hit the grass of the field it appeared that the Scone team was shot out of a canon.

They quickly took the lead and at one point were winning by 8 goals.

Tonkawa tried a valiant comeback but were finally defeated 13-10.

In addition to all of the trophies and awards Scone received a check for $100,000 for their first place finish.

15 year old Poroto Cambiaso of the Scone team received MVP honors.

Playing along side his father, Adolfo, who won the Gold Cup for the 15th time, this was the first for the family to win an IPC event as teammates.

Poroto Cambiaso moving in for a shot on goal.

Peke Gonzalez of Scone defends.

10 goaler, Sapo Caset of Tonkawa controls the ball as he moves downfield.

Tonkawa’s Lucas Escobar prepares to shoot on goal.

Adolfo Cambiaso about to score.

Poroto Cambiaso watches as his shot is about to go through the goalposts.

MVP Poroto Cambiaso with an under neck shot about to score again.

Ā Francisco Elizalde of Tonkawa lifts a high shot towards the goal.