All Good Things Must Come to an End


Story and Photos By Alan Fabricant of

And so it was with greyhound racing at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. A voter amendment in 2018 ordered that all dog racing in the state of Florida will cease after the final race on December 31, 2020.

The track opened in 1932 and served as a gathering place, entertainment center and tourist attraction for the past 88 years.

What will happen to the greyhounds racing at PBKC? PBKC is committed to helping kennels with the placement of greyhounds when they retire andd they will be working with local adoption groups (like Awesome Greyhound Adoptions) to coordinate this process. This commitment will continue into 2021 or however long it takes to find homes for retired greyhounds. The kennel operators will determine if a greyhound will move to another track, be returned to its owner or be placed in a local adoption program.

While racing will be gone, the PBKC will still be open for poker, simulcasts, an excellent dining venue as well as hosting special events such as Card Player Poker Tournaments, the Mutt Derby Series with all of the proceeds goinig to benefit greyhound adoptions.

Although racing will end, the Palm Beach Kennel Club with all its ongoing activities will not be forgotten.

And they’re off!
Leading the Way
Neck and Neck
Home Stretch
Almost There
At the Finish