April, 2015 – Wycliffe Stiffs 13th Annual Luncheon


April, 2015 – Wycliffe Stiffs 13th Annual Luncheon

Photos by Krista Martinelli

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A terrific and hilarious luncheon was presented at Wycliffe Golf and Country Club for the 13th annual Wycliffe Stiffs season conclusion. Keynote speaker was Jim Sackett, former anchor of WPTV News Channel 5, who had a few choice words to say about the climate of today’s newscasting.  The players, sponsors and league supporters were welcomed by seeing the season in photos and in a special video at the beginning. Various stickball players were awarded during the ceremony and a special “Wycliffe Stiffs Ad Hoc Committee” came out to present some of the team suggestions for improvements next season.


See a video of former news anchor Jim Sackett delivering his potato sock joke, which went over like a sack of potatoes at the luncheon!


See a video of the unauthorized Wycliffe Stiffs Ad Hoc Rules Committee reading off a suggested improvement for something called “Masters’ Stickball” for the really, really old!