Bobby Barry Cup Final


Photos by Alan Fabricant

First tournament of the 2021 season at the International Polo Club went to Palm Beach Equine, led by the game’s MVP Gringo Colmbres.  

Along with his teammates Scott Swerdlin, Robbie Bilbao and Costi Caset they defeated Beverly Polo 13-11.

An exciting game that came down to the last few minutes.

Lucas Diaz Alberdi of Beverly Polo controls the ball as Robbie Bilbao of Palm Beach Equine defends.

Lucas Diaz Alberdi moves downfield with Costi Caset on defense.

Game’s MVP Gringo Colombres about to score.
PBE’s Costi Caset shoots on goal as Hilario Figueras looks on.

Tolito Ocampo shoots and scores from long distance