Monday, September 23, 2019

A Letter from the Editor

A Letter from the Editor – Archive

December, 2015 – Happy Holidays!

It’s a great time of year in Florida, especially in Wellington as the season begins. Holiday season, equestrian season, peak season – all of these things.

November, 2015 – Enjoy Your Thanksgiving!

So we are entering into the time of year when the snow birds are coming back to Florida. The equestrian season is coming soon.

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy January! As you know, January is usually a time of New Year’s resolutions and getting serious about weight loss, wellness and achievements.

June, 2015 – Eyeless in America

What has become more important to those too many people are cell phones whose screen and its inner workings have become more familiar than the faces of their very own families and friends.

July/August, 2015 – Squeezing Out the Last Few Days of Summer

Sometimes living in South Florida, you realize that you don’t even need to “go on vacation.” If you just do some of the things that tourists would do in your own backyard, including go to the beach, voila – you are on vacation!

Happy June and Happy Father’s Day!

Happy June!  I hope you’re having a great start to the summer.  To all the fathers Around Wellington, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day.  As...

July/August, 2016 – Staying Cool

July/August, 2016 – Staying Cool and Keeping Busy in the Hot Summer Months Happy Summer!  If you are a parent with kids spending at least...

Happy May, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day

Happy May, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day I hope you are all enjoying the month of May.  I really enjoyed my Mother’s Day this year...

September, 2015 – Back to School and Back to Normal

Happy September! Happy Back to School Days, kids, and for you parents Around Wellington, happy getting back to a normal schedule again.

May, 2015 – Making a Difference

This was a great month "Around Wellington." We came, we saw, we marched. And I truly think everyone who showed up for our March Against Monsanto in Wellington made a difference!