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AW Stories of the Month

AW Stories of the Month – Archive

November, 2011 – The Miami Book Fair International 2012

Ladies and gentleman … here is a gentle reminder informing you that Miami Book Fair International (MBFI) is just around the corner. As usual, it takes place at the Miami-Dade College Wolfson Campus, 300 N.E. Second Avenue in downtown Miami from Nov. 13-20th and will yet again out-do itself with a splendid line-up of author events.

December, 2014 – Five Bad Chemicals Found in Food

Five Bad Chemicals Found In Food That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

September, 2009 – Julie & Julia, A Scrumptious Movie

“Julie and Julia”– A Scrumptious Movie By Frannie Sheridan Part 1 – The Movie . . . Yummy! Passionate, creative people pursue their dreams out of necessity...

September, 2011 – Winning Peace Essay for PB Central High

Congratulations to Wyla Goldstein, who won the essay contest for Palm Beach Central High School for her article about peace.

May, 2009 – Flavors…A Brief Interview

AROUND WELLINGTON STORIES OF THE MONTH   Flavors 2009 Presented by the Wellington Chamber An Interview with Michela Perillo-Green, Executive Director of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce   Tell...

October, 2009 – Finding Balance in a Demanding World

Finding Balance in a Demanding World By Claudine Motto   Finding balance is difficult when the demands on our time never stop. We need to give our...

October, 2012 – Microlending

Most of us don’t think of our savings accounts or monthly loan payments as a luxury. But for over half the world’s population who cannot access formal banks, that’s exactly what these financial services are

October, 2012 – “The Door in the Sky” by Sandy Klein Bernstein, a Book...

“The Door in the Sky” by Sandy Klein Bernstein A Book Review by Wendell Abern

July/August, 2009 – Chocolate Wedding Cake

Chocolate Wedding Cake By Frannie Sheridan     Being an incurable Choco-holic, I would have argued long and hard with my future husband if he had not conceded...

September, 2015 – Bringing Harley Earl Back to the Spotlight

Harley J. Earl is “credited for single-handedly igniting an automobile renaissance. His legacy has been compared to Leonardo da Vinci and even Steve Jobs” (from “Steve Jobs and the King of Stylish Cars,” CNN, Thom Patterson). In America, we should know his name, as easily as knowing Ford and Edison and yes, Steve Jobs.