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October, 2013 – Dr. G’s Weight Loss and Wellness

U.S. Marine Veteran Helps Fight Against Obesity in Wellington Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness of Wellington

November, 2014 – Gown Shopping, Avoiding Stress

Bacio Bacio Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique, not only will we take stress out of the bridal gown shopping experience but we have a team of trusted professionals who will make your wedding day stress free!

April, 2015 – Beach Yoga with Kerri

Kerri Verna has been a fitness instructor for over 10 years and has taught Pilates, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, and Yoga. Most known for her Instagram account@beachyogagirl, she has gathered about 600,000 people that find inspiration, encouragement, and wisdom through Kerri's photos and words.

Wellington – Your Fitness Home

Wellington – Your Fitness Home By Angela Shaw If you...

May/June, 2014 – Beware of Certain Pet Foods

There are so many options for pet owners in today’s society. Everywhere we turn, we hear about the “best” dog or cat food on the market.

April, 2014 – A Gentle Approach to Chiropractic

For years chiropractic has been a great source of relief for people suffering with back pain

How Biotest is Saving Lives

How Biotest is Saving Lives By Angela Shaw Jenny Gardner was always getting sick.  Ever since she was a child, she’d had more than her share...

October, 2014 – Top 7 Reasons to See Your Eye Doctor

When it comes to your eyes, infection and changes to your sight can be really scary. Some problems are more serious than others.

The Great Charity Challenge

The Great Charity Challenge    

January, 2013 – Healthy Smiles with Dr. Grillo

The level of care Dr. Grillo gives is what sets him apart from the rest;