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May, 2011 – Arms

Firm up your upper arms!

July, 2013 – Salt: How much is safe to shake

Health and Fitness Salt - How Much is Safe to Shake!! By Cheryl Alker Growing up, like most children, I watched my mother cook. It was always...

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas  By Cheryl Alker   A Healthy Mother’s Day Gift   Hands up - who loves their Mom? Of course we all do and, whilst we...

6 Immune Busting Tips You Should Start Incorporating Now!

Health and Fitness 6 Immune Busting Tips You Should Start Incorporating Now! By Cheryl Alker Fall is a season of transition not only because of the changing...

Deliver Your Greatness

Health and Fitness Deliver Your Greatness By Sherri Mraz I’m sure you’ve heard, “Everyone has at least one book in them.” That same thing goes for everyone’s...

A Spoonful of Sugar

Health and Fitness A Spoonful of Sugar   By Cheryl Alker   Many years ago I attended a lecture with regard to body fat and, whilst I learnt...

May, 2010 – Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness   HOW STRONG ARE YOU?   By Cheryl Alker   Continuing with our dissection of the definition of physical fitness we are, in this article, giving...

March, 2015 – Nine Tips to Healthy Grocery Shopping

Don’t get lured into the next latest and greatest marketing campaign. If it says, “healthy” or “natural,” that means nothing. Don’t be fooled by the face of the product, you still need to look at the ingredients.

Are You Almost Inviting Mosquitoes to Bite You?

Health and Fitness Are You Almost Inviting Mosquitoes to Bite You? My husband and I can be standing side by side outside and he will end...

September, 2015 – What…No Children?

Before you get used to that extra time and once again find yourself not having enough minutes, let alone hours in the day, take the opportunity to re-assert your fitness regime into your schedule.