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Why Your Workouts Are Not Working Out

Why Your Workouts Are Not Working Out By Lynda Linforth, Special Guest Writer Imagine a time in your life when you felt successful.  You were on...

3 Healthy, Affordable, and Easy Snacks

Health and Fitness 3 Healthy Yet Affordable and Easy Snacks to Make Today By Sherri Mraz American’s are known as a snacking nation. The trend to eating...

July/August, 2014 – 7 Tricks for Healthy Shopping

With regards to shopping for food, the most common mistakes I see my clients making are mistakes that can be avoided.

December, 2013 – Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Holidays

Everyday I see people getting more educated on healthy lifestyles.

December, 2009 – Surviving the Holidays in your Skinniest Jeans

Health & Fitness   The Around Wellington Guide to Surviving the Holidays in your Skinniest Jeans   By Cheryl Alker   It happens every year about this time, the days...

May, 2012 – Pumping Up the Cardio

Walking is a great way to get fit, it doesn’t cost anything and the time element is negligible.

June, 2014 – Are You Sleeping with the Enemy?

How many times have you or a family member awakened from a night’s sleep with itchy skin or red and irritated eyes?

October, 2010 – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Health & Fitness   OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH   By Ruth Mansmith MS, RN, CRRN, RAC-C Author, national speaker, wellness coach   Breast Cancer Is On The Rise Did...

How do you Prevent Injuries?

How Do You Prevent Injuries?   It is well documented that exercising and playing sports regularly has countless health benefits but unfortunately as with most things...

May, 2014 – Top Reasons to Do a Detox

A detox diet is designed to help rid the body of toxins and excess waste. It is imperative for a body to rid itself of the overload.