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May, 2015 – Strategies for Healthy Eating

Buy in bulk whenever possible. A large bag of brown rice or dried beans will make many more meals and be more economical than buying canned beans or a small bag of rice.

August, 2013 – Healthy Portions

The bigger-is-better motto has taken over the food industry, in conjunction with mass marketing to convince us to buy bigger sizes in order to save money.

5 Scrooge Free Holiday Tips

5 Scrooge Free Holiday Tips Ah, the holiday season is upon us. And, although you may have the best intentions to keep your holiday season, festive...

6 Immune Busting Tips You Should Start Incorporating Now!

Health and Fitness 6 Immune Busting Tips You Should Start Incorporating Now! By Cheryl Alker Fall is a season of transition not only because of the changing...

April, 2014 – The Art of Breathing

The weather at this time of year just wants to make you take a good long breath and enjoy the benefits of fresh air, but did you know just how good for you that breath could be?

July, 2012 – My Year with GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME

Our dear friend Jackie Barber tells the moving story of how she is overcoming the dreaded Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) that one year ago left her completely paralyzed from neck to toe.

August, 2010 – The Thinking Man’s Breath

Health & Fitness   The Thinking Man’s Breath   by Cheryl Alker   Back in October, 2009 we discussed the cleansing breath and how to change from becoming a chest...

February, 2016 – Seaweed Crunch

Health and Fitness This Seaweed Crunch Is Packed With Calcium And Omega 3s By Sherri Mraz The best vegan source of calcium is sesame seeds and almonds....

September, 2015 – What…No Children?

Before you get used to that extra time and once again find yourself not having enough minutes, let alone hours in the day, take the opportunity to re-assert your fitness regime into your schedule.

April, 2013 – A Festival to Remember

I recently had the pleasure of attending the 1st Annual Wellness Experience Fitness Festival held right here in Wellington.