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June, 2015 – Sciatica

Most of the people who are referred to me suffering with back pain will more often than not have some form of sciatica and having “been there, done that and brought the t-shirt!” I know first-hand the discomfort and pain this far too common problem brings.

February, 2015 – Is Your Head Weighing You Down?

Health & Fitness Is Your Head Weighing You Down? By Cheryl Alker The average human head weighs approximately 12 pounds. Whilst that may not come as a...

May, 2010 – Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness   HOW STRONG ARE YOU?   By Cheryl Alker   Continuing with our dissection of the definition of physical fitness we are, in this article, giving...

To Carpe Diem – Break the Cycle

To Carpe Diem – Break the Cycle By Lynda Linforth Your best intentions of getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise have been foiled...

June, 2014 – Are You Sleeping with the Enemy?

How many times have you or a family member awakened from a night’s sleep with itchy skin or red and irritated eyes?

February, 2013 – How Much Should I Drink?

So your New Year’s Resolution was to get fit and healthy.

Does your Career Affect Your Health?

Health and Fitness Does your Career Affect Your Health? By Sherri Mraz Have you considered how your career affects your overall health? Did you know your career...

January, 2011 – Fitech Comes to America

Health & Fitness   Fitech Comes to America   Leading UK-based Fitness Company Expands into North America   By Richard Miles   Featuring “Health & Fitness” writer Cheryl Alker   Global wellness company Fitech...

July/August, 2011 – Back Pain in Pregnancy

Back pain is one of the most common discomforts during pregnancy, in fact it is reported that at least 50 to 70% of all pregnant women will experience back pain during their pregnancy though it most commonly occurs towards the last trimester.

How to Make Nut Milks

How to Make Nut Milks   If 20 years ago someone had told me that I would teach people how to make nut milks and try...