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Already Broken Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Already Broken Your New Years' Resolutions? - Here's Why That's Fantastic! By Lynda Linforth

July/August, 2009 – Food for Thought

  HEALTH & FITNESS by Cheryl Alker   Without a shadow of a doubt the United States has much to be proud of. However, as U.S. parents how...

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas  By Cheryl Alker   A Healthy Mother’s Day Gift   Hands up - who loves their Mom? Of course we all do and, whilst we...

November, 2010 – Understanding Cholesterol Numbers

Health & Fitness   Understanding Cholesterol Numbers   By Cheryl Alker   We all understand that we should get our cholesterol levels checked regularly but why and what do all...

January, 2011 – Fitech Comes to America

Health & Fitness   Fitech Comes to America   Leading UK-based Fitness Company Expands into North America   By Richard Miles   Featuring “Health & Fitness” writer Cheryl Alker   Global wellness company Fitech...

May, 2010 – Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness   HOW STRONG ARE YOU?   By Cheryl Alker   Continuing with our dissection of the definition of physical fitness we are, in this article, giving...

May, 2015 – Strategies for Healthy Eating

Buy in bulk whenever possible. A large bag of brown rice or dried beans will make many more meals and be more economical than buying canned beans or a small bag of rice.

May, 2011 – Arms

Firm up your upper arms!

April, 2012 – Want Longer Legs?

I am challenging you this month to try something and let me know your results. I can almost guarantee that you will feel your leg literally grow!

March, 2013 – Wellness at Work

Creating a high-performing, health-focused organization is a challenge that many companies face.