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Living Green

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January, 2012 – Can One Person Make a Difference?

With the holiday season upon us there are many reasons to give thanks. A lot of times we do not even realize what we have.

September, 2011 – All Water is not Created Equal

What is hard water? Water is considered hard if it contains high levels of calcium and magnesium.

November, 2013 – A Palatable Idea for a Couch

It is my goal to be living green - however I define that for myself. My intention is to find ways in which I can be living green.

September, 2014 – Natural Disasters

In South Florida we experience heat, sometimes sweltering, as a natural part of living here. We also experience our fair share of hurricanes.

What Is Home Automation, and How Can It Benefit You?

Living Green WHAT IS HOME AUTOMATION, AND HOW CAN IT BENEFIT YOU? By Jathy Garcia Home automation is changing the world. Better yet, home automation has changed...

January, 2015 – Take Small Steps for a Greener Life

Are you looking for a simple way to make your life a little more eco-friendly? What better time than to incorporate a few new habits into your life. These small steps can you help you live your life a little greener, one day at a time. Being green can be easy after all! Browse through this list of simple solutions designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions for the planet, and at the same time save you money.

Water and Sky

Living Green Water and Sky By Bryan Hayes Do you remember a time when across the skyline of pretty much any city there was a cloud of...

7 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Living Green 7 Common Summer Plumbing Problems By Jathy Garcia Down in South Florida summer means rain, rain, and more rain. With our unique weather patterns come...

March, 2015 – Breaking Down the Green Value

We are trained to think that if a product has a “green” label, it is better for us, whether it is healthier, more efficient or environmentally-friendly. Any of these mentions are great reasons to consider “green.”

We Didn’t Start the Fire?

Living Green We Didn't Start the Fire? By Bryan Hayes When a fire is burning does it really matter, at that moment, who started it? Is it...