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September, 2012 – BooHoo/Yahoo

Today marks the first day that both of our children are in elementary school – same school, same schedule

December, 2010 – The Holidays are Here

Mommy Moments   The Holidays are Here – Now What?   By Krista Martinelli     So the holidays are officially here, and you might be wondering what local attractions and...

November, 2013 – Ripples

As I write this, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are approaching. I’m reflecting on the year going quickly by.

The Big Day

The Big Day By Melanie Lewis The “big day” arrives filed with anticipation. The big day could be an anniversary, birthday or triumphant moment such as...

September, 2015 – Rock Bottom Bedrock

Many people ask me, “how is your son?” For those of you who don’t know my story, or my SON’S STORY, this will be my part II continuation of a teenage boy’s fall from glory to rock bottom…and at the bottom is where he found that our bedrock is in fact God.

May, 2015 – Summer Camps and More Summer Fun!

Are you in need of a fun summer camp for your kids? We have some great options from our advertisers with

October, 2009 – Back-up Plan

Mommy Moments    By Melanie Lewis   Back-up Plan    “Hey wing nut, where’ve you been?” my neighbor asked me.  “Well, coconut, I’ve been in the sick-ward since May”, I...

August, 2015 – Summer Vacation from a Kid’s Perspective

It's summer and mom wanted to take a break from writing Mommy Moments, so I thought I'd help her out a little.

March, 2015 – A Black Sparrow Pirate Adventure

Black Sparrow Pirate Adventures doesn’t miss a beat on their 65-minute interactive boat experience, around Peanut Island.

October, 2015 – Mom-denity Crisis

Mommy Moments   The “Mom-denity” Crisis   By Briana D’Andrea   Finding your own identity in a world of spit up, changing diapers and no sleep can be a tough...