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January, 2010 – A Mom’s Story of Reaction

Mommy Moments     A Mom’s Story of Reaction (as in Allergic)   By Shakira Muneswar   Nine and a half years ago I gave birth to a perfect baby girl...

Summer Money Drain

Mommy Moments Summer Money Drain By Melanie Lewis Schools out for summer and open your wallet.  The money drain has begun.  Some parents worry about the great...

May, 2012 – Happy Mother’s Day

I know I didn’t fully appreciate my mom until I had children of my own.

July, 2015 – Downtime Abbey

WELCOME summer vacation! Everyone can use a little downtime. Plan a relaxing and replenishing retreat for yourself or the entire family. Here are some of my recommendations.

Wireless Causes Cancer. Now What Do Parents Do?

Mommy Moments Wireless Causes Cancer. Now What Do Parents Do? By Cece Doucette Parent, Tech Writer & Technology Safety Educator The National Institutes of Health just reported wireless...

Advocating for Our Children

Mommy Moments Advocating for Our Children By Briana D'Andrea Our tiny humans are small. They are vulnerable. They simply don’t know any better. So it is up...


Mommy Moments Spring By Melanie Lewis I recently watched an episode of American Experience on PBS about Rachel Carson. Carson’s “Silent Spring” was published in 1962. It...

Take a Hike

Take A Hike  ‘Tis the season for holiday feasting and festive gatherings!  It is also a time of year when Florida temperatures are more amenable...

July, 2013 – You Two…Separate!

Here are some ways I’ve handled problem areas of sibling fighting so far.

December, 2011 – A Thank You

Sometimes when you’re a parent and you get sick, you can’t get a break.