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September, 2015 – Christie’s Critters

This month I would like to feature a local dynamo in the animal rescue community, Christie Coultier, Founder and President of Christie’s Critters Foundation (incorporated May, 2013).

October, 2009 – Pet Talk

Pet Talk By Frances Goodman Helping Puppies Become Good Dogs    One of my very special training cases was a large breed puppy we will call "Baxter."    At age 5...

October, 2010 – October is the Month to Consider a Greyhound

Pet Talk   October  is the Month to    Consider a  Greyhound   By Frances Goodman     For those who have been thinking of adopting a retired greyhound, this may be...

Pets and the Internet

Paws-itive Press Pets and the Internet By Barbara Masi Facebook is a fabulous place to network our animals and their antics – love of them and grief...

Dealing With Grief

Paws-itive Press Dealing With Grief … Unwelcome News By Barbara Masi Once again I have asked my friend, Dr. Michele Tucker of Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists to...

Dog Park Etiquette

Paws-itive Press Dog Park Etiquette By Barbara Masi Many of us are using dog parks to exercise/socialize our dogs – when we don’t have a fenced in...

May, 2014 – Owning a New Pet

Deciding to own a new pet is a large responsibility that needs to be thought out carefully before acquiring that new dog or cat.

Preventing Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease or dirofilariasis is caused by worms causing heart and lung disease and is potentially fatal. The disease can affect dogs and cats....

September, 2012 – The Jack Russell

But this month, it’s going to be the Jack Russell Terrier, the breed that captured my heart, many years ago.

Say Ahhh-nesthesia

Paws-itive Press Say Ahhh-nesthesia By Fran Faulkner As a Certified Veterinary Technician since 2008 with a degree specializing in Animal Science, I may be bias against anesthesia-free...