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September, 2014 – Housebreaking Your Dog

Housebreaking depends upon the instinct of dogs to keep their bed clean. Dogs are "den animals". You can make use of this instinct by creating a sort of home "den" for them.

January, 2010 – This is the Year . . .

Pet Talk     This is the Year to Do More with your Dog   By Frances Goodman     Happy New Year! As resolutions are being pondered, the American Kennel Club urges...

September, 2009 – How Old is My Cat?

Pet Talk       By Frances Goodman       So, How Old is My Cat in Human Years, Really?   Question: When is a cat a senior? Also, how do you...

February, 2012 – Horse barns and dogs

So, who decides the “pecking order,” or order of dominance, in these unlikely barn packs? It's hard to believe that these happy, easy going, diverse dogs, mutt or purebred, puppy or veteran, are governed by rules.

September, 2011 – Fries with that?

I am often asked the question - “What is the weirdest thing that you have ever removed from a dog’s stomach?”

July, 2010 – When Pets Need Geriatric Care

Pet Talk   When Pets Need Geriatric Care   by Frances Goodman     Pets become seniors when certain changes begin taking place in the body related to the aging...

November, 2012 Dog Walkin’ Wellington

Well, there’s been a whole bunch of publicity about the journey of candidate Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus, who accompanied the family on a 12-hour ride to a vacation destination.

Dog Park Etiquette

Paws-itive Press Dog Park Etiquette By Barbara Masi Many of us are using dog parks to exercise/socialize our dogs – when we don’t have a fenced in...

January, 2011 – A Common Problem for Cats

Creature Feature   A Common Problem for Cats   By Stephanie Karpf, DVM    A very common problem that I am asked about frequently in my practice, is what...

May, 2014 – Owning a New Pet

Deciding to own a new pet is a large responsibility that needs to be thought out carefully before acquiring that new dog or cat.