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April, 2011 – A History of Fools

Teen Talk A History of Fools By Stephanie Courtois               The cycle continues one year after another. Whether there is plastic wrap over the toilet bowl or...

March, 2015 – Eat Clean, Be Lean!

As we all know, spring break is just around the corner. It’s finally time to endure the Florida heat, that we already experience on any regular day, but this time the term “it’s spring break” gets to be thrown around in every conversation.

Be a Shining Star

Be a Shining Star   As a society, we often compare ourselves to unrealistic ideas of what a perfect and attractive body should look like. Most...

January, 2011 – The 365th Night Reflection

Teen Talk   The 365th Night Reflection By Stephanie Courtois The clock strikes twelve and a burst of joyful roars echoes throughout the room.  The adults toast...

February, 2011 – Roses Are Red, Money Is Green

Teen Talk Roses are Red, Money is Green By Stephanie Courtois Be mine. Do you like me? Circle yes or no. Will you be my Valentine? These...

Test Taking Tips

By Jaiden Lagalo-Blinston With the school year coming to an end in just a few...

November, 2011 – November Is More than Just Thanksgiving

From January to December, 14% of the year is spent celebrating a holiday. Nationally recognized events such as Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day are what most Americans associate with the month of November.

June, 2009 – Passing the Torch

TEEN TALK by Evan Baumel   Passing the Torch Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Evan Baumel and I will be your teen talk columnist beginning...

December, 2011 – And the Next Generation Takes Over

It has been a wonderful 14 months. I will always remember sitting down in front of my laptop and wondering what the next Teen Talk article would be.

July, 2014 – Bettering Yourself this Summer

Summertime has finally arrived—exam week is done for the high school students, middle and elementary school student’s end of the year parties are over, and college students are coming home for their summer vacations