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December, 2012 – Teen Talk, Holding Fast to Holiday Moments

And savor the moments. The tiny, small, insignificant smiles you leave on someone else’s face. Because those moments, they’re all we have in the end.

Staying Connected

Staying Connected By Mikayla Carroll The chaos of the world has a way of making us feel more alone, even with all the platforms that now...

The Path to Becoming an Adult (A Coming of Age Ceremony)

The Path to Becoming an Adult (A Coming of Age Ceremony)   Most people go through that special time in every girl or boy’s life in...

November, 2009 – Teen Talk

TEEN TALK by Evan Baumel The College Game In case you were wondering, November 1 is (or was) the deadline for what is known as Early Action...

January, 2011 – The 365th Night Reflection

Teen Talk   The 365th Night Reflection By Stephanie Courtois The clock strikes twelve and a burst of joyful roars echoes throughout the room.  The adults toast...

April, 2012 – Love Moves

Being a teen in today’s world is complicated. There is so much going on, all over the planet.

April, 2013 – Making Worthwhile Summer Plans

For many upperclassmen high school students, summer presents a great opportunity to get in some last-minute experience before it’s time to fill out college applications.

Test Taking Tips

By Jaiden Lagalo-Blinston With the school year coming to an end in just a few...

June, 2013 – Strive for Excellence

“Strive for Excellence.” This is a motto that has been thrown around the School District of Palm Beach County as a guideline for educators and their students. How many of the teachers actually care about excellence though?

July/August, 2011 – The Summer That Changed Everything

Teen Talk The Summer That Changed Everything By Stephanie Courtois The anticipation escalated in each and every one of them. Only a few more seconds until the clock...