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February, 2012 – Forever and Always

Ok, so here’s the truth: I’m a total romantic. Now, I know you’re thinking “This kid is crazy. She’s only a teenager. How could she know anything about romance, or love? Impossible.” But I respectfully disagree.

December, 2012 – Teen Talk, Holding Fast to Holiday Moments

And savor the moments. The tiny, small, insignificant smiles you leave on someone else’s face. Because those moments, they’re all we have in the end.

December, 2011 – And the Next Generation Takes Over

It has been a wonderful 14 months. I will always remember sitting down in front of my laptop and wondering what the next Teen Talk article would be.

February, 2015 – Valentine’s Day Alternatives

I think we all can agree there are many different types of people when it comes to Valentines Day. There’s the people who are in love and happy, the people that dread the time of year, and people who just try to make the best out of it.

October, 2011 – It’s That Time of Year

The college application season has arrived and it’s certainly not leaving any time soon.

July/August, 2011 – The Summer That Changed Everything

Teen Talk The Summer That Changed Everything By Stephanie Courtois The anticipation escalated in each and every one of them. Only a few more seconds until the clock...

The Path to Becoming an Adult (A Coming of Age Ceremony)

The Path to Becoming an Adult (A Coming of Age Ceremony)   Most people go through that special time in every girl or boy’s life in...

March, 2013 – College Decisions

This past month’s mail was glutted with the last deluge of college acceptance letters, and now, for many high school seniors, it’s decision time.

October, 2014 – The Most Boo-tiful Time of Year

Crinkled leaves, huge sweaters that engulf your whole body, and pumpkin flavors at every turn; it’s the time before the most wonderful time of year.

How to Cope with Stress

How to Cope with Stress Teens have a lot of stress when it...