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Mommy of One

Mommy Moments Mommy of One By Briana D’Andrea These past couple of days as a mommy of one have been pretty bittersweet.  As the days and minutes wind...

The Magic of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

I should start off by saying my husband and I have managed to stay at almost every. single. Resort… on Walt Disney World property!...

Dinosaurs Invade

Dinosaurs Invade Palm Beach Again, Only This Time Bigger, Badder and With More Teeth! Get ready to dig up...

New Year, Same YOU, but Better!

New Year, Same YOU, but Better! Ahh the new year!  A fresh start!  A clean slate! Sometimes the...

Why I Joined Beautycounter

Why I Joined Beautycounter By Briana D’Andrea Many people have asked me why I've joined Beautycounter and my "why" is pretty simple. Making healthy choices and...

December, 2015 – Dinosaurs Take Over Palm Beach

Mommy Moments Dinosaurs Takeover Palm Beach By Briana D’Andrea It was like stepping back in time, when we approached the South Florida Science Museum and Aquarium. Sure, my...

October, 2015 – Mom-denity Crisis

Mommy Moments   The “Mom-denity” Crisis   By Briana D’Andrea   Finding your own identity in a world of spit up, changing diapers and no sleep can be a tough...

June, 2015 – Discovery Center, Just in Time for Summer

The Science Center unveiled a new kiddie play area for children aged 6 and under called the “Discovery Center.”

March, 2015 – A Black Sparrow Pirate Adventure

Black Sparrow Pirate Adventures doesn’t miss a beat on their 65-minute interactive boat experience, around Peanut Island.

December, 2014 – Adjusting

I think from the day he was born, I was anxious, scared, excited, worried and happy all at the same time...if that's even possible. When it was time to walk him into class, with his newly embroidered backpack and lunch box, I felt calmer than I thought I would.