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October, 2011 – Sciatica, The Mother of All Pains

If you have ever suffered with sciatica then you will relate to the above title, in fact up to 10% of us will suffer with sciatica at one time in our life but it usually affects people from 25 to 50 years of age.

July, 2012 – My Year with GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME

Our dear friend Jackie Barber tells the moving story of how she is overcoming the dreaded Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) that one year ago left her completely paralyzed from neck to toe.

The Best Three Exercises to get you Beach Ready

Health and Fitness The Best Three Exercises to get you Beach Ready By Cheryl Alker So you could not possibly have failed to notice that the temperature...

5 Plants to Help You Sleep

Health and Fitness 5 Plants to Help You Sleep By Cheryl Alker I am sure we have all had trouble sleeping at night at one time or...

A Spoonful of Sugar

Health and Fitness A Spoonful of Sugar   By Cheryl Alker   Many years ago I attended a lecture with regard to body fat and, whilst I learnt...

April, 2012 – Want Longer Legs?

I am challenging you this month to try something and let me know your results. I can almost guarantee that you will feel your leg literally grow!

How Cooking Classes can Grow your Business and Make you Money

Health and Fitness How Cooking Classes can Grow your Business and Make you Money By Sherri Mraz Mostly everyone I know likes cooking classes. I watch these...

Deliver Your Greatness

Health and Fitness Deliver Your Greatness By Sherri Mraz I’m sure you’ve heard, “Everyone has at least one book in them.” That same thing goes for everyone’s...

January, 2016 – New Year, New Abs!

Health and Fitness New Year, New Abs! By Cheryl Alker So the festivities are finally over, the last of the cookies, chocolate and pies have been eaten...

3 Healthy, Affordable, and Easy Snacks

Health and Fitness 3 Healthy Yet Affordable and Easy Snacks to Make Today By Sherri Mraz American’s are known as a snacking nation. The trend to eating...