Friday, March 22, 2019

February, 2013 – Dr. Robert Watson of Lynn U. Visits Wycliffe

Dr. Robert Watson of Lynn University speaks to a Hadassah group at Wycliffe in Wellington, FL about US-Israel relations, in this part focusing on the inner strengths of Harry S. Truman, his favorite US President.

April, 2010 – Lechuza Ribbon Cutting

Speaking about Lechuza, the Self-Watering Indoor Planters   On Saturday, March 27th at Playmobil FunPark in Palm Beach Gardens, Wolfgang Goesswein, who chairs the marketing for...

October, 2009 – A & E Short Documentary Featuring Korey Soderman

“This is It! One Mother’s Big Decision and the Kenny Loggins Song that Inspired Her” With this video, we provide a little background behind this...

October, 2012 – The Final Presidential Debate at Lynn University

On October 22nd, history was made at Lynn University in Boca Raton when President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney engaged in a heated debate on the subject of foreign policy.

October, 2013 – Steve Willey at Backstreet’s

Steve Willey, owner of Village Music of Wellington, plays at Backstreet's Bar and Grill in Wellington, FL every weekend (check Backstreet's for schedule).

February, 2015 – Dressage

Dr. Randy Laurich with Mark Bellissimo. Photo by Lois Spatz.

April, 2013 – Love Moves Garage Sale

April, 2013 – The Love Moves Garage Sale at Wellington High

August, 2013 – Congrats to Lourdese Marzigliano, the 2013 Ms. US Continental

August, 2013 - Congrats to Lourdese Marzigliano, the 2013 Ms. US Continental

May, 2011 – Laugh Out Loud

On a beautiful evening, a line-up of six comedians gave a great show to an appreciative and full crowd, who enjoyed the lawn-chair seating and treats from the Ice King of Wellington at the Wellington Amphitheatre.

November, 2013 – Preview for the Miami Book Fair

Preview Video for the Miami Book Fair International 2013 By Lori Hope Baumel