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Romance And Chocolate: Valentine’s Day Done Right

Travel with Terri Story by Terri Marshall Romance and chocolate have been linked for centuries. More than 1500 years ago, the Aztec ruler, Montezuma, believed chocolate...

Give Thanks for Girlfriends with an Autumn Getaway

Travel with Terri Give Thanks for Girlfriends with an Autumn Getaway Story by Terri Marshall As Thanksgiving approaches, like many of you, I take a few moments...

August, 2011 – Chocolate Town, USA

When checking into The Hotel Hershey guests are presented with a choice - a Hershey chocolate bar with almonds or a Hershey chocolate bar without almonds.

February, 2011 – Valentine’s Ideas and More

February, 2011                                                                                                               Dear Around Wellington Readers,   Happy February and Happy Valentine’s Day!   We have quite a few articles that touch upon themes of Valentine’s, romance and sweet...

February, 2011 – Sweets for your Sweetie

Travel with Terri Sweets for your Sweetie By Terri Marshall Last year on Valentine's Day my beau and I were driving through Texas.  In keeping with the...