10 Clever Tips to Eat Healthy during COVID-19


10 Clever Tips to Eat Healthy When Staying at Home during COVID-19

By Michael Gorman


Being home for more than a month, isolated from other people, can take a toll on our wellbeing both mentally and physically. It’s important to take special care of ourselves, and a healthy diet is one of the essential elements of self-care. For this reason, we have created a list of suggestions on how you can eat healthily and stay healthy while maintaining our social distancing protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ration your food supply

Make a list of your home food stock, and plan every next purchase according to your needs to avoid hoarding food. Plan out your meals to decide how much food you need for a week, and buy only the most essential supplies. Rationing gives you a strategy to follow, making your diet economic and prevents piled up food to go to waste.


Salads provide us with all the necessary supplements to stay healthy and full for a while. Apart from being a healthy food source, salads can last longer than some other options. Just keep your meal in the freezer and next time you’re hungry just grab your leftover salad.

Limit sugar

The consumption of sweets is increased during stressful situations because chocolates make us feel better and reduce anxiety. However, this is a trap and you should avoid consuming more sugar than needed. It’s best if you replace sweets with fruit and take an apple or some other sweet fruit to bring healthy sugars into your system.

Fresh products are a priority

Although your first instinct might be to go for the canned food, it’s a much better strategy to go for fresh products. Not only are they more healthy and there are no chemicals that keep the food usable for a long time, but you’ll also have much more nutrients from fresh vegetables, fruit, or meats.

Frozen food and vegetables are also a good choice because they can stay unused for much longer and still provide the same value as fresh supplies.

Substitute vegetables for meat

Beans and mushrooms can stay longer when processed and they are easier to process, making them an excellent substitute for meats. Since we’re not as active as usual, we need food that’s easier to process but keeps our daily protein intake nominal.

Home cooking

Preparing your meal is a great way to pass the time while indoors and it also gives you a chance to eat healthily. Home-cooked meals allow you to experiment with different ingredients so you can prepare a tasty and healthy dish. If you’re not sure about what to cook, finding an online recipe website is as easy as finding essay writing services when you were in college. Just google for websites focused on home-cooking and you’ll get a wide range of tips.

Less salt

Since it’s natural to assume that fresh food could go out much easier than alternatives, it’s smart not to add more salt in your food when preparing a dish, since there’s probably a lot of sodium and salt in canned products.

Keep in mind that pickled food also contains a high level of sodium, so it’s best to avoid using these products too much in your meals. Also, it’s not a bad idea to wash canned fruit and vegetables to remove any excess salt.

Fibers are essential

Wholegrain food, fresh vegetables, pulses, all provide enough fibers to keep you full for a long time. This way you can prevent yourself from overeating and be kind to your digestive system. It’s important to keep healthy habits because healthcare services are not accessible nowadays like dissertations services or some other online service you might get.

Hydrate your body

If it’s possible, drink tap water because it’s cheaper, there’s no waste because it’s not bottled, and there are no sugars or any other ingredients that might only increase your need for more water. If you wish to enhance the taste, you can place some sliced lemons or berries into your water and drink it. Avoid sweetened drinks and sodas because you don’t want too much sugar in your system while staying home.

Snack healthy

Dried fruits, nuts, or cheese can be a healthy snack while you’re enjoying your TV show. It’s much better than adding extra fat, sugar, and salt through chips or some other sweet or salted snacks. Also, don’t look for an excuse to put something in your mouth, exercise when you can.


These were some of the best tips to keep yourself healthy and full. We’ve based our suggestions on current market trends and habits during the isolation period. Social distancing is a stressful and healthy food plan is one of the ways to stay well and cope with the crisis.


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