April, 2011 – YOUTOPIA


Lighten Up with Lisa


YOUTOPIA-Because personal perfection begins with YOU!


By Lisa Dawn WaxLisa Dawn Wax


I wrote the following poem several years ago in college. I think I was only 18 or 19 years old but, unbeknownst to me at the time, my innate “lightworker” wisdom was already blossoming. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, several years later I used “Youtopia” as the name of my massage/reiki/personal training business. It seemed appropriate because I believe in a mind-body-spirit energy connection and when you honor and balance these three elements you honor yourself, and therefore can achieve personal perfection or “Youtopia.” Many more years later, bringing us to the here-and-now, I have a weekly radio show, The Youtopia Hour with Lightworker Lisa. So, I guess, you could say that I am committed to this concept of Youtopia; committed to teaching and helping others to lead healthier, happier lives; and committed to inspiring others to find their Youtopia. My personal goals also include helping my audience identify and clarify areas of stress and sources of pain, as well as to redirect negative focus into positive channels. Over the past two years I have written several columns that have focused on reaching out to you, the readers, with the intent to help you to find your true passions, your true happiness, your peace, your faith, your inner strengths, and your inner truths. I’ve shared lessons of love, compassion and gratitude. I’ve talked of relationships with others and relationships with the self. I’ve written in poetry. I’ve written in prose. I’ve narrated and I’ve scripted Q&A. With all that I’ve written, all that’s been discussed, I can’t think of that which I have NOT touched upon. This poem, I believe, brings it back full circle, to the beginning. This poem brings it back to YOU!


Have you ever wanted something so badly you thought you would die if you didn’t get it?

Have you ever wished for something for so long that your heart ached with anticipation?

Whatever it may have been, this person, place or thing meant instant and complete gratification and happiness.

Well, if so, what did you do once you got it? If, in fact, you did.


Did it mean as much as you thought it would?

Was it as perfect as it should have been?

Were you as happy as you thought you would be?

Did it give you instant life? Make your heart stop aching?

Did the Angels start singing above?

Most probably the answers are, “No,”

But if there are “Yes,”


How long did the relationship last before it fell apart?

How often did you use it before you threw it away?

Or how long did you admire the scenery before you moved?


If you stop to think about it, you’ll realize…

There is only one person who can give you meaning;

Only one place to find all that is wonderful and good;

And only one thing that can make the difference between a Utopian way of life and one lived in misery.


The person is YOU!

The place is within YOURSELF!

And the thing is your own SELF-WORTH!


Don’t be an April Fool and accept anything less than discovering the Youtopian nature of your own personal perfection. Be the best you can be and then beam with pride of the person you’ve become. When looking for love, first look within your own heart. When seeking acceptance, start by accepting yourself. Then as you radiate the glow of Youtopia and personal happiness all may bask in your glory.


Until next time, may your days be brighter and your lives be lighter.

Lightworker Lisa

Let me ignite the light in your life!


A Lightworker is someone with an innate ability to know and heal and whose divine mission is to write, teach or counsel others about spiritual teachings.  Lisa Dawn Wax, aka Lightworker Lisa, is a born Lightworker, certified Angel Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master Practitioner; all of which basically confirm her intuitive abilities to help, heal and teach. If you are in need of affordable healing and life coaching with immediate results, call her at 561-594-3948 or visit her website www.lightworkerlisa.com.  You can also listen to her new weekly radio show “The Youtopia Hour” on W4CY.com Mondays at 2PM ET.