April, 2013 – Comprehensive Eye Care with Dr. Gorscak




Keeping up with your visual health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Although routine visits to the eye doctor are something many of us don’t even think to schedule, unless we have a problem, they are extremely important to ensure future healthy vision. Annual exams monitor for the early development of some diseases that are otherwise undetectable until vision damage has already been done.

drgorscakDr. Jason Gorscak, M.D. of Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute is just the person to see to help keep your most valuable asset, your vision, in top shape. Dr. Gorscak, a New Jersey native, began providing exceptional eye care to the South Florida community in September 2008 when he joined the Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute team.

Gorscak grew up in the small town of Kinnelon, New Jersey. It was there that he decided to go into the field of medicine. Always a math and science kind of guy, he realized that medicine was his calling after losing his grandmother to cancer.

“When we would visit her, we became very close with the doctors. They always helped her and my parents out,” Gorscak said. “I think seeing that was what opened the door for me to think about going into medicine.”

His path to becoming an eye care specialist began at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. After attending Johns Hopkins, he migrated to sunny South Florida to earn his medical degree at the University of Miami.

While in Miami, Gorscak volunteered at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, assisting in ophthalmologic research. He sat in on surgeries and observed the doctors at work. During this time, he made the decision to go into eye care. He witnessed the “indescribable happiness” on a female patient’s face after cataract surgery to restore her vision and fell in love with the field.

After medical school, he went back to New Jersey to complete his residency. He finished his education at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark. There he worked in the trauma center, where he dealt with many memorable emergencies including victims of gang shootings, a glaucoma patient who accidentally super-glued her eyes shut and a man with thyroid disease in a frenzy complaining that his “eye popped out.”

Dr. Gorscak vowed to come back to Florida after his schooling was complete and in 2008 fulfilled his vow. He moved back down south where he began working for Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute.

Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute has 4 locations in South Florida. Their main office and surgical center is located in Boynton Beach and they have additional offices in Wellington, Juno Beach and Boca Raton. Dr. Gorscak works mainly out of the Wellington office and does his surgeries in Boynton.

His specialty is cataract surgery (using the most advanced artificial lenses available) but he also handles many other eye conditions and disorders; including everything from routine eye exams to pterygium removals, laser treatments for glaucoma patients and the treatment and diagnosis of various eye diseases.

Aside from working in the office, Dr. Gorscak lectures once at month for residents and medical students in ophthalmology at Wellington Regional Hospital. There he stresses the importance of giving proper eye exams and teaches the correct way to examine a patient’s eye.

When he’s not helping patients in the exam room or lecturing at ophthalmologic seminars, he’s spending time with his wife and 1-year-old son, Nio. He also enjoys playing tennis, golf and motorsports. He attends driver’s education courses and in the future, would like to teach people how to drive their cars on high performance tracks.

For more information on Dr. Gorscak and Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute, visit their website: www.fleyedocs.com.

Jessica Mullendore is a local writer and blogger. She studied Journalism at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. She writes for Banzai Wellness Magazine and runs her own blog, SimplyJessicaKate.com. You can contact her at: jessicakate05@yahoo.com.