April, 2014 – A Gentle Approach to Chiropractic


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“I Never Knew the Problem Was in my Head and Neck”

A Precise and Gentle Approach to Structural Correction Comes to the Palm Beaches

By Dr. Chung

For years chiropractic has been a great source of relief for people suffering with back pain. It has come a long way from the days where it was considered unscientific quackery. It has even evolved to the point where chiropractors have developed different areas of focus. Most chiropractors practice what is known as traditional chiropractic. These are the ones most people think about when they have neck pain and back pain from an accident or fall, and they do a great job in getting people relief of their pain. I should know, I was one at one point.

While I was helping a lot of people get out of acute pain, I had a heart for people who suffered with chronic problems. I wanted to find a way to help more who had been having problems for months and years with no real long term solution. That’s when I decided to focus my practice on Structural Correction of the head and neck using the NUCCA Protocol.


What is NUCCA?

NUCCA is an extremely gentle and precise corrective procedure that takes the popping, twisting, and cracking out of the equation. While many chiropractic approaches focus primarily on increasing motion to the spine, a doctor who does NUCCA is focused on restoring the normal structural position of the spine so that it can stay in place.

The reason it works is because the way the head and neck affect the brainstem. When the top part of the neck shifts out of place, it starts to put stress on the muscles and ligaments of the spine, as well as the blood vessels, and nerves that go in and out of the spinal cord. While it can certainly cause neck pain, when the brainstem and spinal cord are affected, it can cause Secondary Conditions like chronic pain, migraines, vertigo, and TMJ/facial pain. This small shift is known as the Atlas Displacement Complex (ADC) also known as the Atlas Subluxation Complex. ADC is usually caused by things like falls, sports injuries, bad lifting technique or even accidents as slow as 15 mph. However, ADC can happen and last without symptoms for months, or even years.

In order to identify the presence of ADC, a full Structural Chiropractic Examination is necessary. Rather than relying just on our hands, we use a laser aligned upper cervical X-ray set up to get precision views of the upper neck. We also use thermographic and myographic technology to assess the condition of the nervous system. These tools allow us to create substantial changes in a short amount of time while being very gentle with our care.

No matter what the condition is, Structural Chiropractic is looking to build long term stability to the mechanics of the spine. We do this by taking Post X-rays and reassessment scans to verify that we have changed the spine and achieved our end goal. Once you’re there, we’ll teach you the best ways to keep it there. We aren’t here to make people dependent or addicted to adjustments, but to get you to the point where you can get your spine tuned up near the same frequency as a dentist.