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Denise Marsh is a Writer and an Elementary School teacher in Palm Beach County. She has found writing to be a major catharsis in her life. You can hear her poetry at Open Mic night at Village Music in Wellington every Wednesday night.

Riding the Wave: An Interview with Musical Artist Joey Calderaio

Riding the wave: An interview with musical artist Joey Calderaio By Denise Marsh Most people could not imagine a world without music.  For me, music has...

Food for the Soul: An Interview with April Corris

Food for the Soul An Interview with April Corris, Cafeteria Manager at Discovery Key Elementary First Course I teach first grade at Discovery Key Elementary (located on...

Ode to Dance

By Denise Marsh It wasn't just a dance It was a movement Quick as the wind. Wild as fire. Cool as a soft breeze. And a joy that transcended The heavens. Arms...

An Interview with Photographer Dannielle Judd

By Denise Marsh “Beauty is from your nose to your toes”  A very candid interview with Wellington’s amazing photographer, Dannielle Judd The “Developing” stage When I was a teenager,...

The “Creak” in Your Soul

By Denise Marsh Be still. Be quiet. Focus And listen. For the "creak" in your soul. It is the Opening of one door and the Closing of another.

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s an… axe?

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s an… axe? An unforgettable experience followed by an impressive interview at Game of Axes in Jupiter, Florida By Denise Marsh You know...

My Virtual Reality:  A week in the life of teaching Distance Learning

My Virtual Reality:  A week in the life of teaching Distance Learning By Denise Marsh We are told that we are “essential” workers, but teachers are...


Candy By Denise Marsh "Take my hand" You pleaded Yelled... Your voice Strong Certain Soothing I squinted... Hesitation Disbelief Jaded heart So darn dark... And ... I could feel The grip The undertow The confines of life Pulling me Into its quick sand. Little time To...

The light at the end of the tunnel: Dr. Ming Wang

The light at the end of the tunnel:  An interview with the prominent Dr. Ming Wang   The Right Place . . .  The Right Time By...

A Lesson to Learn

A Lesson to Learn (For Giulia) By Denise Marsh The ring The rhythm  The sweetness in your voice  To feel a sense of appreciation  Because of just being  For you, are eager...