Cannolis at the Boys Market


Italians and Arabs create a masterpiece!

Heeelp!!! Creamy mascarpone /ricotta cheese filling with candied fruit filling the crispiest shells equals a very hard time to stop stuffing our faces with the freshest pistachio, strawberry and classic Cannolis at the fabulous THE BOYS FARMERS MARKET in Delray Beach. Click Link and Yum-yum.


We are pleased to have Real-Life married sweethearts Frannie and Dani, who are also Dessert Critics appropriately called ‘The Sweethearts’, add a little sweetness to Around Wellington with their playful, yummy weekly 3-5 minute dessert video reviews.  

Their online dessert critiques have been transformed into a Reality Food Show/Sitcom called ‘SWEETHEARTS’, now in development with 2-A-Listers attached. More info viewable at  Frannie and Dani can currently be seen in several TV commercials in which they play themselves as Dessert Critics for Aztil air conditioning.