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Beacon of Hope, a New 5K Race in Wellington

Beacon of Hope and a New 5K Race in Wellington By Krista Martinelli The Beacon of Hope 5k Run/Walk in memory of Kevin P. Enterlein will...

June, 2012 – The Palm Beach Zoo…Come Visit This Summer!

The Palm Beach Zoo, the Perfect Place to Visit this Summer!

July, 2012 – Playmobil, the Perfect Place for Kids’ Parties

A couple of years ago, we held our son’s birthday party at Playmobil FunPark in Palm Beach Gardens.

July, 2013 – The British Swim School in Wellington

The British Swim School in Wellington is a place with a mission, and its new owners Sarah and Howie Berkowitz are serious about water survival skills. “We’re saving lives every day!" says Howie.

September, 2010 – The Law Office of Malcolm E. Harrison

AW Spotlight   The Law Office of Malcolm E. Harrison, P.A. Saving Families from Foreclosure, One at a Time   By Krista Martinelli     Do you happen to know someone who...

February, 2016 – ITEX, Barter Smarter with ITEX Dollars

I interviewed Scott Ebberbach to catch up on what’s going on with ITEX, “the Cashless Marketplace” and asked him why “barter is better.”

June, 2013 – Good Shepherd Lawn Care

That’s why it’s refreshing to find Good Shepherd Lawn Care, a lawn and landscaping service that you can depend upon

June, 2015 – Ernie Zimmerman – Vietnam Vet, New York Cop, Columnist

Ernie Zimmerman has been to hell (Vietnam) and back. He's seen a lot of things in his lifetime that many people will never see, both as a New York police officer and as a Vietnam vet.

Risë Siegrist and Her Family

AW Spotlight Risë Siegrist and Her Family By Sabeen Faquir To describe the Siegrists, I can only think of one word, charming. I got the opportunity to...

Massage Envy

AW Spotlight Massage Envy- The Envy of Every Massage Place By Sabeen Faquir   According to the Mayo Clinic, massage is effective against stress, pain, and muscle tension. Some...