Making Medicare Easy: An Interview with Justin Scheiner of MedigapRx

Justin Scheiner

Making Medicare Easy: An Interview with Justin Scheiner of MedigapRx

AW: Tell us the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. 

JS: Medicare services primarily people 65 and over, regardless of income, and is federally funded.  Medicaid provides funds to low-income adults and is funded by individual states.

AW:  What does your company MedigapRx do? 

JS: We are a full-service agency; we are Medicare insurance brokers.  As licensed Medicare advisors, we offer various Medicare counseling services.  

AW: How do you best advocate for your senior clients?

JS:  We have contracts with every major provider and are licensed in several states.  When it comes to people who have other residencies (like snowbirds spending time in NY and FL), I can help with that.  Medicare is very confusing – in life, you go from having employer plans to being left to figure out everything on your own.  There are so many options for insurance including, but not limited to: United, Humana, Aetna, Blue Cross, Wellcare and Cigna.  Many people have supplemental coverage, like Medigap, to help cover costs not paid by Medicare. You can speak with one of the most experienced Medicare providers in the area by giving us a call at 954-737-7877.

AW: You’re a young guy.  How did you get into the Medicare consulting business?

JS: I had my insurance license, and I found this niche where I can interact with clients and help them personally on a daily basis.  I’m enjoying the consistency here in the Wellington area.  Before COVID, I was in Manhattan and going to million-dollar apartments and then to the projects.  I really hustled to get business.  Now people just come to me on a daily basis.

AW: What’s something most people don’t know about enrolling in Medicare?

JS:That there are late enrollment penalties.  On Medicare Part B, if you miss the initial launch, you might have to pay a 10% fee.  On Part D, there’s a late enrollment penalty of 1%. 

AW: What do you find most challenging about your job?

JS: The TV commercials during open enrollment are almost predatory. They offer too-good-to-be-true things.  These commercials, often with Joe Namath or William Shatner, are doing everyone a disservice.  It’s just unrealistic. Many people don’t qualify.  There are lot of scams going on, related to Medicare.  So, end up feeling like we are fighting what people see on TV.  As my website says, “An educated consumer makes for the best client.”

AW: Tell us about your family.

JS: I have a great family, very supportive.  I’ve been brought up with lasting values in my life, especially the Golden Rule.  I’m married to a wonderful woman who’s very supportive. I believe that family is the most important thing you can have. 

AW: What do you love about Wellington?

JS: A sense of community.  You see less and less of that nowadays; Wellington is one of the last places where people feel connected. 

AW: Why is the company called Medigap Rx?  Explain the Gap.

JS:  A Medigap plan is another name for a supplement plan.  There’s a 20% gap when you just have Part A and Part B.  My job is to fill in that 20%. 

AW: What do you love about working with seniors?

JS: The advice I get.  I like working with seniors – those that worked on site, had a family, all without an iPhone.  Young people are losing their grasp on the art of communication.  It’s great to get seniors’ views on what’s important to them.  As a society, we’re supposed to respect our elders.  We write them off because they don’t have an Instagram account.  They don’t get enough credit for what they’ve done.  You get real advice – they lived this life.  Would you be able to live how they lived?  I know I wouldn’t. 

AW: How do you educate your clients?

JS: An educated consumer makes for the best client.  I send mailers and emails to my clients.  I run drug reports to make sure everyone is on the right drug plan.  I’m a full-service agency.  I was holding seminars, then Covid happened and those ended.  In general, I make myself available and help my clients on their time. 

AW: Anything you want to add?

JS: My slogan is “Medicare Made Easy.”  Medicare is tough for these people to navigate. Also, the nicest compliment is always a referral.  In business and in life, treat others how you want to be treated.  My grandfather was my hero.  Every Sunday I would go to breakfast with him, and he taught me a lot.   In creating this business, I want my family to have a legacy.  It’s an ever-changing business because everybody has different needs.  Also, it’s important to get people in 3 months before they turn 65. 


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