Friday, February 28, 2020

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January, 2016 – The Season Has Just Begun

Yay! Wahoo. It’s the height of “season” in South Florida. Northerners are jealous of the magnificent weather and the cultural arts are in full bloom.

The President’s Photographer

Cultural Corner The President’s Photographer By Lori Hope Baumel “Pete Souza served as Chief Official White House Photographer for President Obama's full two terms. He was with...

September, 2015 – Creating Memories of Summer

With the prevalence of smartphones and their multiple uses as both still and video cameras, most likely, you photographed or recorded the weekly events of the past few months. If so, why not dial up these visual memories in a creative format?

July, 2009 – Judy Collins

CULTURAL CORNER by Glenn R. Swift   Judy Collins – A Life of Fame, Pain and Healing   Judy Collins can’t remember life without music. Nor would she ever...

September, 2013 – The Art of a Meaningful Relationship

Picture if you will… A blank canvas. Waiting for you to express yourself in whatever manner you choose. Will you use oil paints, acrylics, pencils or pastels? Will you try for “photorealism” or attempt something abstract?

November, 2015 – What Defines You?

Cultural Corner What Defines You? By Lori Hope Baumel We live in a world where tweets, selfies, Instagram and Facebook posts depict a façade of the way we...

A Woman of Art

Cultural Corner A Woman of Art By Angela Shaw Corinne Ingerman, petite and lithe almost glides from room to room, wall to wall, expounding on the more...

Henry Flagler: Cultural Pioneer

Cultural Corner Henry Flagler: Cultural Pioneer By Angela Shaw Last weekend I traveled to St Augustine for a reunion with my New England cousins. We stayed at...

February, 2015 – Loving Art

Do you think of art that depicts love, or about those who love art in general? The art of loving, as portrayed in a variety of creative formats can be a very emotional experience.

October, 2015 – Put Your Head in the Cloud!

If you are a lover of all things beautiful, great and small, then you probably have a cache of at least a thousand pictures stored in your smartphone.