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May, 2012 – Bringing the “Fresh Air” In – The Virtues of Indoor Plants

Ever heard that saying, “mother knows best”? Chances are your mother told you to go outside and get some fresh air. She may not have realized just how right she was, on both accounts.

June, 2015 – From NFL Cheerleader to Activist

Not every mother was an NFL cheerleader, but Crissy Peacock stands out not only for her professional accomplishments but for her contributions to the community as well. Just recently, Crissy became a member of the “March Against Monsanto, Wellington, Florida.”

5 Simple Products to Help You Save Money and Energy at Home

Living Green 5 Simple Products to Help You Save Money and Energy at Home   By Jathy Garcia Everyone loves to save money, but not everyone thinks about exactly how they can do...

Never Scrub the Inside of a Toilet Again

Living Green NEVER SCRUB THE INSIDE OF A TOILET AGAIN… NOW THAT’S GREEN & CLEAN! By Jathynia Garcia So we all have a Smartphone, we’ve seen some...

July, 2012 – What’s in a Food Label?

For the healthy and environmentally-conscious consumer, food labeling can be extremely difficult to understand because there are so many options. The beautiful thing today is we have more options than we have ever had before. On the flip side, the painful thing is we have “too many options.”

A/C in South Florida

Living Green A/C in South Florida By Jathy Garcia Owning an air conditioning unit in Florida is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. With only one month left...

Beat the Florida Heat

Living Green Beat the Florida Heat with HVAC Green Energy Tips By Jathy Garcia As a native Floridian I am use to feeling the nice hot Florida...

June, 2011 – “Thanks But No Thanks”

Living Green “Thanks But No Thanks” By Bryan Hayes “No, thank you.”  I don’t need a bag. I told the cashier. “But, you have to have a bag.” ...

Down the Drain and Out the Door

Living Green Down the Drain and Out the Door By Bryan Hayes While Florida is indeed beautiful with tropical weather, it is our stunning beaches that allure...

Mother Nature

Living Green Mother Nature By Bryan Hayes There is something truly magical about the south Florida sunrises and sunsets.   The colors are spectacular. They are among the...