Monday, July 6, 2020

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What Is Home Automation, and How Can It Benefit You?

Living Green WHAT IS HOME AUTOMATION, AND HOW CAN IT BENEFIT YOU? By Jathy Garcia Home automation is changing the world. Better yet, home automation has changed...

June, 2014 – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Everything was rather simple. If there was something that I was using and could use it again, then I would do it. If I could find another use for it, I would do that too.

April, 2009 – Not Your Mother’s Rubber Pants

LIVING GREEN by Tricia Chasinoff   Not Your Mother’s Rubber Pants!   OK, I get that for many (most?!) parents, the mere mention of cloth diapers conjures images of...

August, 2015 – Cameras for Kids, Reusing Cameras

Instead of throwing away, or keeping a good digital camera in storage, the Cameras for Kids Foundation is able to provide an opportunity to utilize it in a meaningful way. They recycle donated digital cameras and reuse them to teach teens in foster care the art of photography.

November, 2015 – The case for peeing outside

Living Green Presenting The Case for Peeing Outside by Jathynia Garcia As I was trying to think of what article to write about in this month’s Living Green...

April, 2015 – What Does Earth Day Mean to You?

Every year we have just that with the annual Earth Day celebration (on April 22nd). What is Earth Day?

7 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Living Green 7 Common Summer Plumbing Problems By Jathy Garcia Down in South Florida summer means rain, rain, and more rain. With our unique weather patterns come...

April, 2012 – The Lorax & The Environmental Message

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss & his magical books of rhythm & rhyme. They are engaging for children & adults as well as enticing with their colorful eye-catching illustrations.

South Florida’s Best Kept Secret: Panther Ridge

South Florida's Best Kept Secret: Panther Ridge By Bryan Hayes When talking to many of my friends they ask, "What is that" when I tell them...

Water and Sky

Living Green Water and Sky By Bryan Hayes Do you remember a time when across the skyline of pretty much any city there was a cloud of...