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September, 2010 – Smart Toilets: Dr. T’s in Your House

Living Green   SMART TOILETS: DR. T’S IN YOUR HOUSE By Jathynia Garcia                         Okay, so we’ve heard of the smart phones, smart cars & even smart lipo,...

March, 2011 – Greenology 101

Living Green Greenology 101 with Jolie DeMarco By Bryan Hayes The idea of going green, living green, doing something to help improve the world we live in...

October, 2015 – Beauty in Wellington

Wellington offers so much majestic beauty. There is so much to behold, and it was my goal to get out and see some of its natural wonders.

July, 2013 – Travel Green

But have you ever thought of traveling green? It’s a concept which entices being environmentally friendly while even saving a few bucks along the way.

October, 2009 – Five Ways to Live Green with your Pets

Living Green by Christine Smith Five Ways to Live Green With Your Pets   Nearly half of the nation's pet owners consider our pets “part of the family.”...

July, 2012 – What’s in a Food Label?

For the healthy and environmentally-conscious consumer, food labeling can be extremely difficult to understand because there are so many options. The beautiful thing today is we have more options than we have ever had before. On the flip side, the painful thing is we have “too many options.”

March, 2015 – Breaking Down the Green Value

We are trained to think that if a product has a “green” label, it is better for us, whether it is healthier, more efficient or environmentally-friendly. Any of these mentions are great reasons to consider “green.”

My Top 5 Green Tips

Living Green My Top 5 Green Tips By Jathy Garcia There’s never been a better time to start implementing simple measures to ensure we are being safe...

November, 2012 – Caring for your Faucets

But did you know that you can make your faucets last longer, and that all faucets, old and new, can help conserve huge amounts of water?

May, 2012 – Bringing the “Fresh Air” In – The Virtues of Indoor Plants

Ever heard that saying, “mother knows best”? Chances are your mother told you to go outside and get some fresh air. She may not have realized just how right she was, on both accounts.