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September, 2012 – Home Guzzlers to Green Plumbing

What are some water guzzlers in your home? From our toilets to our tubs, roughly 60 percent of a home's water consumption takes place in the bathroom, according to the California Urban Water Conservation Council.

January, 2010 – A Greener Life

Living Green Take Small Steps for a Greener Life- New Year's Resolution Compiled By Jathy Garcia Are you looking for a simple way to make your life...

Something Positive in Our Community

Every day there is someone doing something positive for themselves, their family, and the community.  The same goes for companies who have an incredibly...

February, 2015 – Leaky Pipes

With time there is the normal wear and tear that affects everything. When it comes to water mains, pipes crack and eventually break as was the case in my yard.

January, 2013 – Take Small Steps for a Greener Life for 2013

What better time than the new year to incorporate a few new habits into your life.

June, 2013 – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Living Green Reduce, Reuse and Recycle By Bryan Hayes “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” All three of these things help the community as well as the environment, and each...

3 Reasons to Show Your Plumbing System Some Love

By Jathy Garcia aka Your Plumber in a Skirt As Valentine’s Day approaches and...

April, 2012 – The Lorax & The Environmental Message

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss & his magical books of rhythm & rhyme. They are engaging for children & adults as well as enticing with their colorful eye-catching illustrations.

September, 2013 – Got Facebook?

Technically, we have created both a “page” and a “group” on Facebook as some people like the group format while others like the page format.

April, 2010 – Question and Answer

Lighten Up With Lisa Question and Answer By Lisa Dawn Wax   Hi Readers. This month I’m experimenting with a slightly new format that I hope will inspire...