Friday, July 19, 2019

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November, 2011 – Turtle Survival

For a turtle, the journey has just begun. Chances are it will have a short life expectancy as "only an estimated one in 1,000 to 10,000 will survive to adulthood.”

We Didn’t Start the Fire?

Living Green We Didn't Start the Fire? By Bryan Hayes When a fire is burning does it really matter, at that moment, who started it? Is it...

Never Scrub the Inside of a Toilet Again

Living Green NEVER SCRUB THE INSIDE OF A TOILET AGAIN… NOW THAT’S GREEN & CLEAN! By Jathynia Garcia So we all have a Smartphone, we’ve seen some...

July, 2015 – I’m Just Venting…

Everyone is familiar with drains in their house. If drains get clogged and water backs up into the sink, you have a problem.

Emotion “Trump”(s) Logic and Reason

Living Green Emotion “Trump”(s) Logic and Reason By Bryan Hayes Evoking an emotional response is the basis for headlines, plots and story lines.   Logic and reason do...

February, 2015 – Leaky Pipes

With time there is the normal wear and tear that affects everything. When it comes to water mains, pipes crack and eventually break as was the case in my yard.

Mother Nature

Living Green Mother Nature By Bryan Hayes There is something truly magical about the south Florida sunrises and sunsets.   The colors are spectacular. They are among the...

October, 2014 – Gentle Reminders on Being Green

Did you know that some electronics use electricity even when they are not turned on?

February, 2010 – Four Green-Friendly Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Living Green Four Green-Friendly Valentine's Gift Ideas By Christine Smith Valentine's Day is a great time to begin your Eco-Friendly lifestyle.  If you've ever said to yourself:...

May, 2014 – Breaking Down the Green Value

We are trained to think that if a product has a "green" label that it is better for us, whether it is healthier, more efficient or environmentally-friendly