Sunday, September 27, 2020

Poem of the Month

Poem of the Month – Archive

November, 2013 – Mourning Grace

If today I follow death, go down its trackless wastes,

September, 2014 – Ode to Eau Palm Beach

Eau Palm Beach Oh Palm Beach

April, 2012 – Democracy

Democracy will not come Today, this year Nor ever Through compromise and fear.

I Hear You

I Hear You By Bryan Hayes © 2016 Just because you speak, Doesn’t mean you are heard. Just because you are heard, Doesn’t mean you are understood. Just because you are...

January, 2013 – Let It Be

Let It Be   By The Beatles

December, 2010 – Giving Thanks

Giving thanks for life's many mysteries the unexpected delight of exploring each moment in a new refreshing way even though the day can present itself a test with some better...


By John F. Rifenberg           My mind lives this fabulous life; it’s full of...

September, 2012 – Awaking in New York

Curtains forcing their will against the wind,

November, 2010 – More Than A Day

More Than A Day   By Karl Fuchs   As Thanksgiving Day rolls around, It brings up some facts, quite profound. We may think that we're poor, Feel like bums, insecure, But...

December, 2013 – Christmas Miracle in the Ghetto

Peering at the radiating faces of happy families So much joy emanates from well-to-do children’s sparkling eyes