Clematis by Night: Opener: Someday Radio (Rock) Headliner: Chemradery (Pop-Rock/Soul)


Thursday, June 20 | 6 – 9 p.m.
Free Weekly Concert Series
Opener: Someday Radio (Rock) |

Someday Radio, based in Delray Beach FL, is known for its rousing performances that inspire audiences to get up and dance. The band creates memorable experiences with covers of Tom Petty, U2, The Killers, Johnny Cash and other great classic and contemporary artists. The band’s originals such as “Like a Wave,” “On the Beach,” and “Last Night” compliment the covers, and connect fans of all ages. Someday Radio will entertain waterfront guests of all ages.

Headliner: Chemradery (Pop-Rock/Soul) |

Chemradery. It’s not a word in the English dictionary, but it might very well make it there if this band has anything to say about it. Led by vocalist Gregory Scot Dyer, and guitarist Ivan Alexander, Chemradery came about when two innovative minds merged their passion for music to create a sound that would not only inspire but leave a lasting impression; on themselves and the listener. Melodic verses and choruses; simplistic, yet memorable lyrics about the positives and negatives of everyday life, and tasteful instrumentation that tie it all together. The fellowship, interaction, and common bond of everyday people, whose sole purpose is to tell a story through their music; a story that you can’t stop reading. That is Chemradery.