Dare to Be Stronger


By Carly Cantor

Being able to cope with life’s most prominently difficult challenges is extremely strenuous and having no outlet for your feelings can make one feel alone and lost in their problems. As teenagers, we often feel as if we cannot talk to adults about our problems and believe they won’t understand. Therefore, turning to our friends for help instead, but sometimes this can be unhealthy. We shouldn’t have to deal with our problems alone, but our friends most likely have burdens to carry themselves.

Though one should never suffer in silence, if you feel you cannot talk to anybody about what’s bothering you, then you should work  on bettering yourself instead.

Speaking from experience, there are  some things that really helped me when going through rough times:

Journaling. Writing out or even drawing your feelings could be a possible artistic outlet for your emotions. Some may prefer this aesthetically pleasing way to vent, but there is also a different way to perceive this. A rage book. Personally, I like to keep certain pages in my journal specifically dedicated to scribbles and random shapes to express anger. However, some may want to express that in their entire journal or not at all. Know that there is no correct way to vent, and it is all up to the creator. The entire purpose is to do what relieves you.

Baking. Not everybody is a baker, and not everybody may want to make a cake from scratch. However, baking is a technique many use to relieve stress. It’s cheap and accessible to all because of pre-made mixes. There are many simple pastries and desserts one can make easily such as cakes, brownies, cinnabons, and etc.

Read more. Books are full of knowledge, fictional or not. They can take you to entirely different universes where you can understand certain aspects of life from a different perspective. Bibliotherapy is a huge help to many, and it’s definitely worth a try.

Go out more. No, this does not mean go spend a ton of money, rather enjoy the air, the atmosphere, or simply just the presence of other people. Being holed up in a room for an entire day isn’t healthy, and it doesn’t feel good either.

Have a routine. At first it was difficult to establish a routine for myself during certain time periods in my life, but once I found something that worked for me it made me so much more productive. I made time for my schoolwork, hobbies, exercise, and to just chill.

We must remember how important it is to take care of ourselves. Always put yourself first because as cheesy as it sounds, you only live once. You must make it a priority to live the best life possible, or you may regret it.

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