EFO Ventures Announces the Growth of Strategic Leadership Team 


Brett Frazee, former Enterprise Fleet Management executive now strategic partner, leverages mobility  operations expertise to focus on mobi-tech growth 

EFO Ventures, an investment and incubation firm with offices in Atlanta,  GA and Dublin, IE that backs founders and their innovative ideas not only with access to capital, but also personal guidance and hands-on collaboration from the very first stages, is pleased to recognize Brett  Frazee, Managing Partner of BF4 Capital, will support the team’s growth initiatives in the mobi-tech space  as an investor and strategic partner. Frazee’s nearly 25 years of experience in the transportation and  technology space, most recently with Enterprise Fleet Management, will assist the team to support the  organization’s growth initiatives in the mobi-tech space. 

Frazee’s mobility experience, coupled with his knowledge of identifying and capitalizing on new business  opportunities while developing innovative solutions and implementing initiatives that support strategic  growth opportunities, will be extremely valuable to the EFO Ventures team and portfolio of companies  (Volcon ePowersports, MIXTE Electric, Frog Mobility, Llama, Element, Automotus and Ottr). 

“We are at a pivotal moment in our organization’s history; we are recognized as a leader in the industry,  we are poised for dramatic growth and the communities our companies serve continue to place value on  technology, safety and ongoing advancements,” said David Touwsma, Partner of EFO Ventures. “As we  prepare to scale it’s imperative that we have the right team members in place, to support our initiatives  as a leading venture capital partner in the mobi-tech space. I am confident that Brett is the ideal team  member to help us take our portfolio companies, specifically those in the smart cycling division, to the  next level for both team members and customers alike.” 

The strategic partnership is designed to leverage Brett’s expertise and passion for cycling with EFO  Ventures’ portfolio to fuel international expansion opportunities prioritizing the MIXTE Electric brand  which has developed a family of electric consumer products, designed for approachability and reliability,  giving riders the power to go further and experience more fun every day.  

Electric bike sales are soaring throughout the world. According to the World Economic Forum, electric  bicycle sales grew 145% in just one year. It’s predicted that twice as many bikes will be purchased than  cars by 2030 in Europe.  

“I’ve joined EFO Ventures because I believe our portfolio of brands is at the forefront of developing and  setting the gold-standard in the mobi-tech industry,” said Frazee. “I am honored to work alongside  leaders who support entrepreneurs in turning their visions into disruptive reality for the greater good  and extremely excited about advancements in technology as well as safety that are currently underway  with many of our portfolio companies.” 

About EFO Ventures 

EFO Ventures is an investment and incubation firm that backs founders and their innovative ideas not  only with access to capital but also personal guidance and hands-on collaboration from the very first  stages. Our managing partners are both founders themselves, and together with a dedicated team of advisors, we bring decades of entrepreneurial experience to our work. We provide our portfolio  companies with all the resources and expert advice they need to turn their visions, traditionally in the  mobi-tech space, into disruptive reality. Portfolio companies include: Volcon ePowersports, MIXTE  Electric, Frog Mobility, Llama, Element, Automotus and Ottr. For more information, visit  www.efoventures.com.  

About BF4 Capital 

BF4 Capital is an investment portfolio with assets focused on fun, mobility, micro-mobility, cycling,  outdoor, and healthy brands. Bringing like-minded companies together through ownership, strategic  partnerships, and unique relationships. Our mobility companies are focused on improving the safety  and the overall rider experience with electrification, technology, and convenience.