Florida Intergenerational Orchestra Open House Rehearsal


Open House and Youth Scholarship Auditions

 Bring your instrument, a music stand, and enjoy playing in a Symphony Orchestra


Boca Raton, Florida-The Florida Intergenerational Orchestra is set to celebrate its 14thseason in Boca Raton, with an open house to be held at Edgewater Point Estates Ballroom , 23315 Blue Water Circle both on Thursday, November 1stand November 8that 7 P.M. Edgewater Point Estates is located on the Southeast Corner of Powerline Road and 18thStreet in Boca Raton.


“Come and play! The FLIOA members invite new and returning musicians to its open house/rehearsal to play, explore, listen and learn. Through this event, we are delighted to welcome the community to “Come Be Inspired” by sampling all that FLIOA has to offer, experiencing it hands-on and up close.This engaging, power-packed rehearsal encourages participation from our members as well as prospective musicians and audience. All ages are welcome.. Our eldest member just turned 100 and we will be celebrating him at all of our concerts this season.   You will find Mel in our percussion section. The FLIOA  a  working model of ”Healthy Aging with Music” Young and old, experienced veterans, and anxious rookies, we are waiting for you with open arms.  “


The Florida Intergenerational Orchestra is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to blend the generations through music. Consisting of a 65 piece full symphony orchestra and smaller chamber orchestra its players presently span the ages from 10 to 100 years of age. They all enjoy playing and working together creating beautiful music.  The Florida Intergenerational Orchestra is the only orchestra that offers full scholarships for all students 18 and under who are accepted.  


Lorraine Marks-Field is the founder and conductor of the Florida Intergenerational Orchestra.  She is a music educator as well as a music therapist. She also was the founder and conductor of the New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra that is still flourishing in New Jersey.  Lorraine has worked for many years bringing the generations together and creating a perfect tapestry of music for all the ages. She even brought her music concept working with the United Nations to the World Conference on Aging. Some of our players have been honing their skills for many years, and others have just picked up an instrument that has lain dormant in a closet for decades. 


New members are given two rehearsals to decide if they wish to join and pay the fee.  The orchestra is similar in style to the Boston Pops Orchestra in repertoire. Light classics, Broadway, some jazz, and popular music, plus an array of surprises often fills our programs which this season will consist of two major concerts at O’Shea Hall on the grounds of Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Boca Raton.  Parents of students and family members in the orchestra are encouraged to help out on various committees.  


If you would like more information about the orchestra, or to schedule an interview with Lorraine Marks-Field, our conductor, or to consider joining the orchestra, please call Bob Field at 561-482-8206 or e-mail strings4all@aol.com. Check out our website at www.flioa.org.  Visit and like us on FACEBOOK