I Hear You


I Hear You

By Bryan Hayes

© 2016

Just because you speak,
Doesn’t mean you are heard.

Just because you are heard,
Doesn’t mean you are understood.

Just because you are understsood,
Doesn’t mean you are valued.

Just because you are valued,
Doesn’t mean you are cherished.

Just because you are cherished,
Doesn’t mean you are loved.

Just because you don’t speak,
Doesn’t mean you have
Nothing to say.

When you speak
I intend to listen.

And, when I listen,
I want to understand.

And, when I understand,
I want you to feel valued.

When you are valued,
I want you to feel cherished.

And, when you are cherished,
I want you to feel loved.

When you speak,
I want to hear
Everything you say.