I Must Today Express Gratitude


By Bryan Hayes

Now, I must today

Express gratitude

With no latitude for

Inhibition of “them” or “they”

Of pleasure or pain as both

Have brought me to this space

This blessed place

Of unconditional



Life, it is not a dream

Much more real than could

Ever seem as truth lies in the 

Basket of gray a mixture of black

And of white to fade both good and bad

Into mere perception of one’s reception 

Facing their own introjection through a 
Narrow field of vision based upon

Not all that it is but rather all

That has been presented

With roles to play

Masks to wear

Faces toHide
Thank you, they were the best of times…..

Back when

Thank you, they were the worst of times…..

Back then

 I have learned from professors

The value of critical thinking, deductive reasoning

Doing research to support my point
I have learned from death

The value of life, of living, of giving, and receiving

Not taking anyone, or anything

For granted

I have learned from hurt

The value of healing not only the wound but the pain

Not continuing to inflict

Or infect others with suffering 
I have learned from sadness

Joy, for the sake of joy

Happiness, for the sake of happiness

I have learned that….
Frustration is the castration of peace and tranquility

Is the birthof tranquility
Anger is the antithesis of love and compassion

Is the epitome

of compassion
Thank you, for the pleasure and joy…….

Back when

Thank you, for the sorrows and sadness…..

Back then

Thank you,

then and now


The best Of times

~ Bryan Hayes