New Year’s Resolutions


January, 2016 – New Year’s Resolutions, Making Them Happen


Happy January!  As you know, January is usually a time of New Year’s resolutions and getting serious about weight loss, wellness and achievements.


Our family went to a nice New Year’s Eve party, where the three kids in the family greeted us at the door.  They asked us to write our names and our New Year’s resolutions on name tags.  Good idea!  It gets people talking.  Planning.  Thinking.


My main goal is to “put fun first” in 2016.  There were other resolutions “walking around the room” – de-cluttering, weight loss, finding a new job.  My silly 8-year-old son put some thought into it and wrote, “My goal is to turn nuclear waste into a children’s toy.”  OK, good luck with that project!  (And maybe wear some rubber gloves?  At least?)


We all have goals – some of them funny and some of them dead-serious.  But many people give up and give in right in the first month of the year, January.  I found a sales training talk by Jack Daly (that someone had lent to me) very helpful regarding goal setting.  I listened to it while driving for a few days and was impressed with Daly’s level of goal setting and achieving.  Check out some of his goals on his website, for example –  For one thing, he plans to run a marathon in all fifty states.  One of his strategies is to plan out his goals per month and then drill down to per week.  He also picks four or five trusted friends, who will check in on him once a month, just to ask, “How is this goal coming along?”  The main take-away is to take your goals seriously – whatever they are.  Even if the goal is having fun!


I’m excited to say that, as a publication, will turn ten years old in February of this year!  We’ve seen a lot of talent, in terms of writers, photographers and our videographer.  We’ve also been blessed with wonderful local businesses, who support AroundWellington as advertisers.  And thanks to you, dear readers, for giving me feedback and always staying engaged.


I’m also happy to say that the Village of Wellington turns 20 years old in March of this year.  There was a celebration breakfast on the lawn of the Wellington Amphitheater on December 31st.  See the photo gallery by Carol Porter.


This month please check out our “AW Spotlight” article about Cricket Cleaners.  Read about their ethical approach to dry cleaning.  Also, check out all of our January articles.  Plenty of great material!


THANKS as always!


Krista Martinelli

Owner / Publisher