Jordan Ray’s Cancer Scare Creates Power House Real Estate Team


Jordan Ray’s Cancer Scare Creates Power House Real Estate Team

Star Athlete, Brain Surgery Survivor, CEO & Keynote Speaker All Before Age 20, now added REALTOR® & Developer to Her Resume.

Wellington, Florida. December 2th, 2021 – Limitless Medical Logs® Founder, Jordan Lexi Ray today announced her drastic career change due to a cancer scare. Jordan Ray’s story is one of determination and accomplishment. After an unexpected black out on the softball field in 2015 at 17 years old, Jordan Ray lost her flourishing 13-year athletic career, scholarships and her health all in one afternoon.  The blackout led to a rare diagnosis of Chiari Malformation, a 10-hour long brain surgery and week-long stay in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Palms West Hospital in Loxahatchee, Florida.

All of this came a month after Jordan’s mother, Robin Ray beat breast cancer. During this time, 16 years old Jordan saw the need for better patient-doctor communication.  Jordan, now in her mom’s shoes fighting for her health and living the need for better patient-doctor communication, Jordan launched our all-in-one paper medical journals and digital app at 19 years old. ( ”I knew I had to turn this negative into a positive to help others.” Ray said.

No one foresaw the pandemic of 2020 -2021. The disruptions and deaths caused people to realize that a good tomorrow is not assured. In addition to this chaotic, depressing time, Jordan faced a cancer scare. After a year’s worth of blood work, scans, and doctor appointments in a pandemic she was scheduled for a surgery to check for Lymphoma & Leukemia.

The possibility of having a life-threatening diagnosis made Jordan realize that life could be short.  She had always harbored a quiet passion and hoped to have the opportunity to make this dream come true.

Fortunately, the pathology report came back negative. This close call compelled Jordan to immediately implement her plan to go into real estate. Real estate is in her blood, Jordan at a young age fell in love with imagining what can be built on a piece of land. She comes from a family of realtors, home builders, architects, and developers.  So, becoming a Realtor® is just the first step for this young woman on her journey to ultimately becoming a home builder and large-scale developer.

Jordan is proud to announce that she is officially a licensed Realtor® with Illustrated Properties. She has partnered with Mimi Vail who has proudly represented luxury residential home and condo buyers and sellers since 2000. Her expertise is the island of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach neighborhoods.

Mimi’s past sales exceed $125 million dollars. Mimi and Jordan, bring separate expertise and experience to the table, creating a powerhouse team.

Jordan is also working closely with Lorin Romeo Romay who is a commercial Realtor experienced in sales and leases of multi-family, land, retail, office, and industrial properties.

Jordan’s commercial focus will be land to kick start her real estate and development career and gain experience in the field for future deals.

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