Joyful January


Wishing You a Joyful January 

Somehow the holidays are already over, and it’s the new year!  Do you still need help with some of those New Year’s Resolutions?  Writer Mike May brings us the fabulously convenient world of “Deskercizes” this month in “AW Stories of the Month.”  These are exercises that just about anyone can do…while at your desk.

In “Ask the Docs,” Dr. Jonathon Chung explores the concept of “squatting your way to a better brain.”  Read “1 Rep Max Squat: A Future Biomarker for Brain Health.”

Dr. Jonathon Chung

Thanks to Bryan Hayes for getting interviews with two amazing “Living Green” gurus in a row.  Last month it was environmentalist and TV personality Jeff Corwin.  This month read “On Global Warming” with world-renowned Dr. Lonnie Thompson. 

On a different note, Wendell Abern writes about his ongoing recovery from a stroke and getting a service dog in “Cantankerously Yours.”  Wendell, we wish you the best possible recovery and are glad you’re enjoying time with Koontz, the service dog.  Read “Recovering from Recovering.”

In “Mommy Moments,” Briana D’Andrea explores “New Year, Same YOU, but Better!”  She includes her own New Year’s resolutions and encourages you to share yours with her too.

Briana D’Andrea

Of course, there’s a lot going on around Wellington.  There’s the Komen Race for the Cure on January 26th.  Read about the ten “Warriors in Pink” this month in “AW Stories of the Month.”

That same weekend, Jan. 26 and 27th, is the Wellington Art Society’s ArtFest on the Green, a juried fine art show at the Wellington Amphitheater. 

Well, as usual, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more articles and events to discover.  Visit and explore.  Happy January!

Krista Martinelli


Krista Martinelli at a Wycliffe Stiffs stickball game