July, 2009 – A Letter from G-Star’s Gregory Hauptner




A letter from Producer Gregory Hauptner to the cast & crew of this summer’s G-Star feature film [in West Palm Beach] It’s a Dog Gone Tale: Destiny’s Stand: 


To the Destiny’s Stand Cast & Crew;


I would like to thank you all for your excellent work performed on our film.  When I say “our film” I mean “your” film.  You did it.  It could not have happened without you.  There were many seasoned film veterans on set during the shoot in addition to the Palm Beach community members who stepped in to participate, thanks to their confidence in and support of you. 


The following film industry-related professionals shared rave reviews on how well the set was run and how well you performed your jobs: Barry Bostwick (The Hannah Montana: The Movie, Spin City), Ron Palillo (The Guardians, Welcome Back Kotter), Ruth Paul from SAG, Academy Award winner Dean Lyon (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Armageddon, Independence Day, Air Force One), Academy Award winner Beau Rogers (Gods and Monsters), Hollywood Props Master Art Shippee (The Sixth Sense, Disturbia, Without a Paddle, Pretty in Pink) and Susan Jackson from American Humane Film & TV Unit [who flew directly from monitoring the set of the $250 million remake of Ben Hur in Morocco to our G-Star set].  These people are credited for their involvement in some of Hollywood’s biggest films ever made and know what a true movie set is like. 


Star Barry Bostwick had this to say about the film in an email to the Producer.  “Greg [Hauptner], the photos look great and its obvious that everyone enjoyed a great time…but, nobody more so than me…keep me posted with updates and gossip…thanks for everything you did to make my short stay so memorable and comfortable…Barry”


Every movie has obstacles to overcome, especially during the shoot’s first week.  As Producer Joe Reilly said, “True professionalism shows itself when dealing with obstacles and making it work, not when everything is simply going smoothly.”


You, the G-Star cast & crew of Destiny’s Stand, persevered and excelled at your jobs. I am very proud of each of you.  You have worked on a SAG union film.  You have now earned your stalwart reputation as true professionals in the film industry.  You also earned a Destiny’s Stand T-shirt. Each of you who continued your responsibilities through to the very end of this production will find your names in the credits of this film and on IMDB.com.  Thank you for your hard work and your continued faith in both G-Star and Destiny’s Stand.  Somewhere down the road, you will take pride in knowing that you were in the first film to start a true film industry here in Palm Beach County.  Congratulations!


Greg Hauptner

Producer, It’s a Dog Gone Tale: Destiny’s Stand

G-Star School for the Arts and Motion Pictures, Founder/CEO


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