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by Sherri Mraz
“I am so debilitated by age that without the glasses known as spectacles, I would no longer be able to read or write.”

A monk in Pisa, Italy wrote this statement in 1289 A.D., and it is the earliest documented evidence of the existence of eyeglasses. 724 years later, it is still the most common complaint to be voiced in an eye exam.

It is estimated that 45% of the US population over the age of 40 years is

Amanda Weiss, optometrist and owner of SeaView Eyecare in Wellington

far-sighted, meaning they have the same difficulty that the monk in Pisa did in 1289, only now there are iPads and cell phones, and many more people working at desks where near vision is critical.

As much as I hate to admit being over 40, I must say I am all too familiar with these types of vision challenges. It was time to pay SeaView Eyecare a visit. One single step through the front door and I could see that the office provides a relaxing setting and care by patient and friendly professionals.

I met with optometrist and owner Amanda Weiss, who addresses computer vision problems for patients in their 40’s, treats the dry eyes of patients in their 60’s, and evaluates focusing problems for children, in summary providing eye care for patients of all ages. While some people may become apprehensive while visiting a doctor’s office, Dr. Weiss has such a pleasing personality that it would be nearly impossible to feel anything other than relaxed. Dr. Weiss told me that ever since completing her Family Practice Residency in 2005, she has sought to open a practice that provided for the eye care needs of families, in a setting that made patients feel at ease and offered exceptional care. She has done just that, since having opened the office in February of 2013.

Dr. Weiss decided to open in Wellington where her focus has been to provide routine eye care and emergency care for those patients with eye infections and superficial eye injuries. The office carries over 1500 brand name frames and offers the latest products in eyeglass lenses and contact lenses. Dr. Weiss is especially skilled in fitting multifocal contact lenses for those 40-something patients whom have experienced the incredible frustration of blurred reading and even for those who have been unsuccessful on previous occasions with other contact lenses.

Dr. Weiss is originally from the St. Louis area, and after completing her doctorate degree and residency at the Southern College of Optometry and VA Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee, she relocated to South Florida. In addition to providing routine eye care, Dr Weiss worked in a practice specializing in advanced glaucoma and macular degeneration, participating in clinical trials for new treatments. She also practiced in central Florida where she examined and treated children with vision, eye muscle, and focusing problems.

I asked Dr. Weiss why she chose the practice of optometry. “What fascinates me most is how much information can be obtained about a person’s general health during a dilated eye examination,” stated Dr. Weiss. She went on to say, “High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and carotid artery disease all have the potential to affect vision and show signs in the eyes. Many of these conditions do not produce symptoms.” This is the main reason Dr. Weiss recommends an annual exam for patients with these conditions, regardless of whether they are experiencing visual problems. “An eye examination could save your life.”

I asked Dr. Weiss what she loves most about her job. “Probably the impact that I can have on children and their ability to learn and succeed in school. Last week I examined a 7-year-old boy whose family had immigrated from Mexico. He had never worn glasses before, but was struggling in school and having trouble with his vision. When he first looked through his new prescription to read the letters on the chart, he cracked a huge smile and said, ‘I see pretty.’”

”Pretty,” clear, more comfortable, whatever improvements patients would like to see in their vision, Dr. Weiss is an expert in vision, and expresses a true passion for helping patients who seek better vision and assurance of the health of their eyes. The office also provides exams and glasses for children whose families could otherwise not afford to provide for these needs through the Heiken Children’s Vision Program, a referral-based program through the school district.

SeaView Eyecare is open Monday through Saturday with convenient evening and weekend hours in Wellington Green Commons, the Whole Foods Shopping Center. Most insurance plans are accepted. For more information, visit

SeaView Eyecare
2545 S State Road 7 #10 Wellington, FL 33414



Sherri Mraz works with individuals and groups to improve their health through nutrition programs, cooking classes and yoga. Board certified health coach and mentor. Winner of Flavors of Wellington’s Best Plate 2013. Sherri also writes for and sells advertising for .