Lagoon of Life


KellyMcNultyLagoon of Life

By: Kelly Delesandro/McNulty


Swallowed inside the hidden lagoon


Shadowed by fallen branches


Hidden by deep rooted mangroves


A perfect hidden circle


Entrenched in its role of shelter


Its simplified purpose


Connected to the vein of more


The womb of the sea


Encased nurture


Not trying to be more


Existing as an interconnected web of life


Can the tadpole evolve into a fish?


Can I extend my wings like a butterfly?


Reaching deep inside the sea’s life


Revealing a sanctuary of growth


To grow to live inside the light


Sinking deep inside the mud


Caressing my feet


Burying my legs with its gentle power


Extracting the toxic energy


That holds me down


The ropes inside my soul


That block thy from letting go


Depleting thy essence


That extracts the nectar from thy vessel


Thy to is a vessel of life


A sanctuary of growth


A womb of nurture


Wanting to connect to the lagoon…


The beating heart of life


That exists…


That connects…


A fragment of the infinite Mother Gaia


Living its purpose


Simply existing…


To be something more….


Kelly McNulty is a Visionary reflective poet seeking to inspire change while exploring the dimensions of poetry.  Kelly resides in South Florida, working on self-publishing her first poetry book focusing on poems about activism, environmental issues, and animal rights.