Living a Fulfilling Life and Warding Off Dementia & Alzheimer’s


Living a Fulfilling Life and Warding Off Dementia & Alzheimer’s

By Dianne Park

Who doesn’t want to ward off Dementia and Alzheimer’s!!!  Of course cognitive decline is the last thing anyone wants.  We need 100% of our mental faculties to live a fulfilling and worthwhile life.

If you read the research done by Dr. Dale Bredesen, he claims a 90% reversal of cognitive decline in 90% of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  And to the surprise of many, his claims are that changing lifestyle reduces the inflammatory triggers that cause all disease, including cognitive decline.

Did you know that America spends more on healthcare than any other civilized country and yet we rank somewhere near the bottom, depending on the study, somewhere between #37- #44.  No matter the exact number, we are nowhere close to being #1 as a healthy nation.  Why?  — our Standard American Diet.  Yes, it’s SAD. But what is so exciting is that all of the major diseases – diabetes, heart attack, stroke, dementia and more are a result of the stresses we put on our bodies.  Bottom line – predominately what we eat and drink.  And that is why Integrative Medicine doctors and Functional Medical Professionals are stressing the need to strive to eat a plant based diet.

Eliminating, or at least reducing meat, dairy and eggs as well as processed foods is so foreign to many people (because eating those items are how most of us grew up), that even talking about a plant based diet sounds both foreign and weird to many people.  Fortunately eating a plant based diet is beginning to sound less foreign and less weird as more and more doctors are seeing better and better results in their patients who totally change their lifestyle and eating habits.  Are we willing to take the necessary steps to live longer and healthier?

Small changes can lead to major  results.  Change does not need to take place all at once.  We can pick one thing – increase our exercise routine, or limit meat to once a month, or begin to totally eliminate all soda and processed foods (that’s a great place to start!). Just decide on one thing, … and start now!

Most Americans have three main health priorities — lose weight, have more energy, and protect their brain health. Healthy eating, daily exercise and sufficient sleep will go a long way toward preventing disease. The most recent research is telling us that Alzheimer’s Disease is preventable, and in many cases, even curable. And that’s pretty exciting!


Dianne Park is an ALL NATURAL health nut who loves to help others get and stay healthy and to offer people natural health solutions.  She is also a spirited motorcyclist, nature lover and bird watcher, loves yoga and working out, is focused on self growth and loves to read both fiction and non-fiction. She has high energy and tries to always look at the positive.