We Love Lucy Fundraiser


Saturday September 17, 2016
8 pm to 11pm
Passion Night Club, Hard Rock, Fort Lauderdale FL

I/we have a dear sweet friend, a Fellow Entertainer here in Florida. She goes by the name of Lucy Lucy Faircloth. This event is open to the public…please spread the word.
Many of you may know her, many of you have seen her at fairs and other events impersonating Lucille Ball. Many of you received your start on Stage and in the Entertainment field by performing at her events. She has attended many Fundraisers helping others, and now we are asking you to please attend a fundraiser to help her and her boys….
This very kind and warm woman is suffering and in pain. She is the mother of two very young beautiful boys. Who obviously like all little boys need their mother. Her youngest son asked her the other day “Mommy can people live forever?”
It has been hard on Lucy Faircloth and her young boys, because she has for years been dealing with Terminal Cancer…. She has been putting up a strong fight against Cancer with the help of doctors and other caregivers throughout the years. However, even they have not been able to stop this horrible disease…it is spreading throughout her body and she needs surgery again… this surgery which will now take her ear, and maybe even more is going to happen very soon…
Lucy feels alone, frustrated, lost and at the end of her rope… and scared.
She is a single mom, and she has fears that all single moms and dads have, “What am I going to do? Who is going to be there for my children? While I heal who is going to help me and my children? How are my bills going to be paid? Without an income or being able to function for any length of time…who is going to pay my bills, to keep my lights on, my water, my phone…and who is going to pay my rent so that I have a home to come home to, a place where my children can lay their heads down to sleep at night? These are worries of a healthy parent, can you imagine knowing that you need surgery that you will need time to heal and feel totally hopeless and overwhelmed? So many unanswered questions…so many fears, so many wondering why is this happening to me….so many uncontrollable tears….and asking God why me…
I wish I could do more…all you Entertainers/Performers who have performed for Lucy on stage all these years, all her friends, all her acquaintances, all those businesses that she has given her time to, and provided entertainment for… she could really use all our help now…She needs each person who is reading this to help….
It would be great if we could give her health, and peace, and a long life with her sons… and we all pray and believe that this will happen. But praying alone does not, wipe away the tears of fear she is experiencing now…
But we could ease her worries …with this fundraiser event of September 17th. Her fear of being homeless, of not being able to function after surgery that she must have or she will die and it doesn’t take care of herself and her boys while trying to heal from these surgeries that she will soon have to go through to save her life. Because of these fears and worries, the thought of Giving Up, has entered her mind…but really what good will that do…she leaves her children without a mother, without ….I don’t want to go on with this… but..
Can you imagine being a 11 and 15 year old boy and knowing that your mom has Cancer and……..well can you imagine. I can and it brings tears to my eyes…and breaks my heart….I don’t know what it does to you, but this is something that should never had happened to her and her son, it should Never happen to anyone…but it has and she is alone, at least that is how she is feeling right now, …
This time and disease is also shaping those young boys lives… turning them into the men they will become in the future… this is hurting them beyond anything that we can imagine…
I pray that everyone reading this can feel what this all means
Please share this event with everyone…you do not have to be in the Entertainment Industry to attend this is for everyone who would like to help…. Lucy has touched so many people’s lives… throughout the years …so please spread the word and attend… thank you