March, 2015 – Eat Clean, Be Lean!


Teen TalkGabi Harris


Eat Clean, Be Lean! 


By Gabi Harris


As we all know, spring break is just around the corner. It’s finally time to endure the Florida heat, that we already experience on any regular day, but this time the term “it’s spring break” gets to be thrown around in every conversation. Sadly, for most of my spring breaks I promise it’s going to be life changing, but then I just end up at home watching Gilmore Girls re-runs and doing the complete opposite of what I wanted to do! This spring break will be different…even though I say this every time I have created a full-proof plan on how to achieve an unforgettable spring break!


I’ve decided it’s time to better myself again, workout wise. Part of my spring break plans is to shift back into the in shape girl I used to be and begin back at square one! One workout person that will definitely kick your butt is Blogilates on Youtube! She has a workout for just about any target area you’re wanting to shrink or enhance. Her videos will have you begging for a glass of water afterwards, but have you feeling amazing seconds later!


Finding time to work out is probably the hardest part of working out when it comes with me. Not that I’m busy, it’s just that after a certain time of day I give up on my dream of working out. It only occurs when it’s extremely early in the morning where my eyes are barely open that I can get out of my door and take a run. With exercise, I really recommend finding the perfect time depending on you and continuously keeping up with it!


Part of working out is actually keeping up with it and staying consistent! If you have a goal to work out over spring break, stay with it. Don’t stop when spring break stops, make it a habit! I try not to have a timeline when it comes to exercise and health. Eat clean and be lean and have a happy spring break!


Gabrielle Harris is a senior at Wellington High School. She is involved in the Quidditch team, Key Club, and is the social media and news editor for the WHS Wave school newspaper. She hopes to study mass communications in college and aspires to someday tell her travel stories to the world.