Mickey Mouse Oreo Pops


Mickey Mouse Oreo Pops


Double- or Mega Stuff Oreos  
Mini Oreos
1 bag black candy melts
1 bag red candy melts
1/2 cup white candy melts {or 2 small white candies for each pop}
Lollipop sticks

To begin, take the mini Oreos apart and scrape off the icing inside. These are obviously going to be the ears, so you’ll need 2 for every mega stuffed Oreo you’ll use.

Stick the ears into the icing at the top of each cookie. Be careful not to break the large cookie, because if it’s broken, it will fall apart when you dip it. You probably want to get at least twice as many cookies as you think you’ll need, because a ton of them come broken. {Save your broken pieces and make some Oreo bark as an extra little treat!}


Melt the red candy melts according to package directions. Dip the remaining half of the cookie in the red candy melts. While still holding the cookie, dip one end of the lollipop stick in the red candy melts and insert through the bottom, twisting until about an inch or so of the stick is in the cookie. Let set completely.

Place the white candy melts into a disposable piping bag or a zip-top bag. Melt according to package directions. Snip a tiny (like, seriously teeny tiny) corner and pipe two circles onto the red half to make the buttons on Mickey’s shorts. 

Let set, and you’re all done!