New Year, Old Memories


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New Year, Old Memories

By Mikayla Carroll

            I often find myself thinking back to the past, but especially around the end of a year. When I think back to where I was at the beginning of this year and who I was, it still surprises me. In a lot of ways, many things are the same but, some aspects of my life are very different. It’s hard to say whether they’re for the better or for the worse. Summed up, times are just different.

            I can say with confidence that I am looking forward to 2018, as I suspect it will be one of my best years thus far. Already on the to-do list for the year is a school trip to Europe, a ski vacation, my high school graduation, and the start of college! This is already much more eventful than my 2017 was, and the year hasn’t even begun yet.

            While I find myself constantly pining for May 21st, my graduation day, I definitely want to soak up these next few months for all the exciting milestones in my life that are also going to start happening soon, and some that have already started to happen. The next few months will be filled with firsts, like a first-time trip to Europe, as well as some first time college acceptances.

            The first half of my senior year has already flown by, as have the holidays. It’s unsettling to think that only one more semester in high school awaits me. I often find myself thinking back to my past high school self-like what I was like my freshman year-as compared to now. That is one characteristic of high school that always amazes me: that it’s largely responsible for most of my growing up that has happened in these past four years. This is also one reason why I look forward to the next four, as my changes have been for the better, so I can only imagine what life will look like for me in another four years.

            As much as I look back on the past, I also constantly have my mind on the future. I picture myself at this time next year, and the year after that, and years down the road. There’s the possibility that I will be in another state, possibly home for the holidays, possibly with people I haven’t even met yet. When I think about it for too long, I start getting nostalgic for the home I haven’t yet left. Knowing that many things in my life are temporary for the time being, has the power to make me a little nervous for the future, but mostly excited to see how it plays out.

            With a full work schedule and school schedule, 2017 has passed me by quickly, which hopefully rings true for the next few months of 2018 as well. Although, I do hope time slows down a bit when I find myself in Paris and Rome for the first time over spring break…