October, 2014 – The Most Boo-tiful Time of Year


Teen TalkGabi Harris

The Most BOO-Tiful Time of the Year

By Gabrielle Harris

Crinkled leaves, huge sweaters that engulf your whole body, and pumpkin flavors at every turn; it’s the time before the most wonderful time of year. It’s finally fall and I am definitely in the spirit! I’m long awaiting cold fronts and bonfire-filled nights with my friends and the month has just begun. In all honesty, I did start drinking pumpkin drinks back in September while it was still summer and it didn’t particularly feel right. Now that it’s actually autumn time, it feels a bit better allowing the pumpkin and whipped cream flavors to go down my throat. Just typing about it gets me excited to go run outside in my boots and beanie and cannon ball jump right into a giant pile of leaves. But, then I’m brought back to reality and remember that we live in Florida, and there are no giant piles of leaves awaiting my arrival outdoors. It’s a sad but sure realization. Even if there are no orange and red leaves or absolute “cold” weather, there are still many things to be excited about.

Cold fronts are going to be coming our way and scarves and boots can finally be worn without the scare of having a heat stroke. My closet has a whole side just filled with my various oversized knitted sweaters that have been bought from multiple thrift stores. Different fashions and makeup styles come back from the depths of the closets and finally get to be worn after an eight-month wait. Dark lipsticks are back on the shelves and the bikinis are now stored in the back until next time. Halloween stores are rising back to life as mothers and anxious children prepare to purchase costumes for the big day. Bonfires with friends, full of laughter and tons of calories due to the excessive amounts of s’mores and other items you might regret later. I’ve thrown my share of bonfires in my life and I truly recommend them during October and November. Everyone loves a good enclosed fire, along with good food and people.

This time of year for high school seniors also marks another strike on the calendar besides just Halloween. Here it comes…early application deadlines. It’s a very frightful time of year for us, speaking on behalf of most seniors in the U.S.

This time of the year can be very stressful, but also one of the greatest times of the year! Drink a drink full of sugar and artificial pumpkin flavors, feel the non-90 degree weather and just enjoy the next three months to the fullest!