October, 2015 – Beyond Man


Beyond Man

Conquer Ourselves

 By Kelly McNulty/Delesandro



Lives seem valueless

So easily diminished

Vanishing are the sprawling forests

Limited are the great beasts of the lands

Suffering of animals is so rampant

But, their cries are ignored

Silenced by their economic benefit

Backs are turned

Society refuses to know of the horrors

If it benefits a human,

Does its life even count?

Not in this world that we exist

Lives are only but the price on their head

No more and no less

Are we savages of just a higher form?

Oceans are stripped of creatures

Vanishing are the ancient reefs

Murky is the vast sea

Air is but a polluted fog

Misty with the souls that disconnect

Disconnect and isolate themselves

Do we care of other life that exists?

Lost in this concrete jungle

We seek to exist

Build our corporate empires

Dominate the lands

Can we find our way home?

Back to the nature that calls

Whispering its soft, fresh breath

Asking for mercy

Wanting our souls to open their doors

See the lives beyond

Rebuild the damage

Preserve the little that is left

Rid the greed

Conquer ourselves


Kelly McNulty is a Visionary reflective poet seeking to inspire change while exploring the dimensions of poetry.  Kelly resides in South Florida, working on self-publishing her first poetry book focusing on poems about activism, environmental issues, and animal rights.