PALM BEACH TABOO: New Thriller by Tom Turner Shot to #1 New Release on Amazon


Author Tom Turner’s Latest Sizzling Hot Thriller


Quickly Shot to ‘#1 New Release’ on Amazon

Previous Best-Sellers Include Palm Beach Nasty, Palm Beach Deadly,

Palm Beach Poison, & Palm Beach Predator

(Palm Beach, FL – April 5, 2021) Novelist Tom Turner relishes exposing the steamy, seamy-side of local society in a series of sizzling hot mysteries under such page-turning titles as Palm Beach Nasty, Palm Beach Deadly, Palm Beach Poison, Palm Beach Predator, Palm Beach Bones, Palm Beach Pretenders, and more.

Novelist, Tom Turner

According to Publishers Weekly, “Turner’s Palm Beach is a blend of desperate criminals, social climbers, merciless billionaires and surprising heroes.” The popular book series has already garnered about 2,000 glowing 5-star reviews on Amazon.

The devilishly handsome protagonist in the series is Charlie Crawford, a cynical, crafty cop and a former NYC homicide detective now solving scandalous crimes on the Island. Each mystery is filled with twists and turns galore, along with familiar places and personalities, some only lightly disguised.

Palm Beach Taboo, Tom Turner

Palm Beach Taboo, the 10th novel in the fast-paced series was published recently and immediately shot to “#1 New Release” on Amazon. Like its gossipy, funny, but full-speed ahead predecessors, the new thriller is available for purchase online, both as an ebook and a paperback.

The plot: There’s a dangerous cult in Palm BeachThe members say it’s all about altruism and philanthropy, but to doubting detective Charlie Crawford, it looks a lot like sex and money…and MURDER, when someone is found brutally stabbed to death. The list of suspects include a billionaire heiress, an ex-movie star, a former member of Skull and Bones, a Blackwater psychopath…and the weird thing is, they’re all members of Mensa.

A native New Englander, Tom Turner spent 10 years as an advertising copywriter in Boston and New York before moving into commercial real estate, which is how he ended up in Palm Beach, buying, renovating and selling houses. At the same time, he was collecting raw material for his novels. On the side, he wrote Palm Beach Nasty, its sequel, Palm Beach Poison, and a screenplay called Blood Red Sea.

He has also written mysteries that take place in Charleston, SC (Killing Time in Charleston, Charleston Buzz Kill) and Savannah, GA (The Savannah Madam), as well as standalone novels Broken House and Dead in the Water. Both his in-print and audiobooks are available on Amazon.

Tall, handsome, and white-haired, the prolific Turner now lives fulltime in West Palm Beach, next to the Intracoastal and just a few blocks north of the Flagler Memorial Bridge. He can occasionally be spotted at Palm Beach hotspots, coolly contemplating both the glitzy “OG” and the ambitious new arrivals, picking up tidbits for his next best-selling thriller. For more information, please visit, where readers can get a taste of his novels, including the first few enticing chapters of both Palm Beach Nasty and Palm Beach Poison.